Manuscript in Thomas Collection empty Mozart transcription by Mary Van Deusen, Corrections by Mary Jane Corry

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Guardian angels now protect me
Send ah send the youth I love
Deign O Cupid to direct me
Lead me through the myrtle grove.
Bear my sighs, soft floating air,
Say I love him to despair.
Tell him tis for him I grieve,
For him alone I wish to live.

Mid secluded dells I'll wander,
Silent as the shades of night,
Near some bubbling rills meander
Where he erst has blest my sight.
There to weep the night away,
There to waste in sighs the day.
Think fond youth what vows you swore
And must I never see thee more.

Then recluse shall be my dwelling
Deep in some sequestred vale
There with mournful cadence swelling,
Oft repeat my lock-sick tale.
And the lark and philomel
Oft shall hear a virgin tell
What to pain to bid adieu
To joy, to happiness, & you.

The golden pippin. Songs. Guardian angels a favourite song sung by Mr. Mahon, at Dublin. and [sic] by Miss Catley, in The golden pippin [London: printed for and sold by R. Falkener, [1773?] 1 sheet: music; 1/20. British Library Music H.1648.f(21) A song from Kane O'Hara's 'The golden pippin', which was first staged in 1773 with Ann Catley as Juno. First line of text: "Gaur-dian [sic] angels now protect me send ha send the youth I love deign O". Includes staves for "the guittar". Robert Mahon was in Ireland and Dublin between 1770 and 1774; this song could have been published either in 1773 or 1774. In the same style and typography this item is bound with Robert Falkener's music sheets in a volume in the British Library music library. REFERENCE: ESTCT186945. University of Birmingham, England.


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