Manuscript in Thomas Collection empty Mozart transcription by Mary Jane Corry, Corrections by Mary Van Deusen

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'Twas in that season of the year,
When all things gay & sweet appear
When Colin on a morning gay,
Arose & sung his rural lay.
Of Nancy's charms the shepherd sung,
The hills & dales with Nancy sung,
Till Ros'line castle heard the swain;
And echoe'd back the cheerful strain.

Appears in the Vocal Music, or the Songster's Companion of 1778, as an English song.

Appears in an arrangement by Franz Josef Haydn, 1801, Andante con expressione (do mineur) avec violon, violoncelle et piano

Appears in Scots Minstrelsie, Vol iV, Edited and Arranged by John Greig, 1893.

The favourite song of Rosline Castle, and the answer. To which are added, 2. The Irish lad, 3. The unfortunate wrack of the Susanna Dublin: printed by M. Stewart, [1790?] 8p.; 8vo. British Library REFERENCE: ESTCT35456. University of Birmingham, England.


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