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Transcription - p.20

Now the dreadful thunders rearing
Peals on peals contending clash
On our heads fierce rain-falls pouring
In our eyes blue lightnings flash
All around us one wide water
All above us one black sky
Diff'rent deaths at once surround us
Hark! what means this dreadful cry.

The foremast gone cries ev'ry tongue out
O'er the lee twelve feet 'bove deck
A leak beneath the Chesstree springs out
Call all hands to clear the wreck
quick the lanyards cut to pieces
Come my hearts be stout and bold
Plumb the well! the leak increase
Four feet water in the hold.

Whilst o'er our ship wild waves are beating
We for wives and sweethearts mourn
Alas to them there's no retreating
Alas to them there's no return
Still the leak is gaining on us
Both chain-pumps are choked below
Heaven have mercy here upon us
Nothing else can save us now.

O'er the lee-beam is the land boys
Let the guns o'er board be thrown
To the pump com ev'ry hand boys
See the mizen-mast is gone
The leak we've found it cannot pour fast
We've tightened her a foot or more
Up and rig a jury fore-mast
She rights, she rights & we're off shore.


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