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Transcription - p.19

Cease, rude Boreas, blustering railer
List ye landsmen all to me
Messmates hear a brother sailor
Sing the dangers of the sea
From bounding billows first in motion
Where the dreadful whirlwinds rise
To the tempest-troubled ocean
Where the seas contend with skies.

Hark! the Boatswain hoarsely bawling
By top-sail sheets & halyaris stand
Down top-gallant-sails quick be hawling
Down your stay-sails hand boys hand
Now it freshens set your braces
Now your lee-toy-sailsheets let go
Luff, boy, luff! don't make wry faces
Up your topsails nimbly clew.

All you that are on down-beds sporting
Fondly locked in beauty's arms
Fresh enjoyments wanton courting
Free from all but love's alarms
Round us roars the tempest louder
Think what fear our minds enthral
Harder yet! it blows yet harder
Hark again the boatswain calls.

Top-sail yards point to the wind boys
See all clear to reef each course
Let go the fore-sheet never mind, boys
Tho the weather should prove worse
Fore-and-aft the spirit-sail-yard get
Reef the mizen see all clear
A hand up, each preventer brace get
Man the fore-yard, cheer boys cheer!


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