Henry Livingston, Jr.
The arguments for Henry Livingston As the Author of
"A Visit From St. Nicholas"

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Date Life Stats Event
1798 Edwin G. Livingston born .
1798 Elizabeth C. Brewer [Livingston] born .
1798 Niece Catharine W. Breese [Griswold] born .
1800 Sidney Breese born .
1804 . According to Babylon Henry Livingston, his father
Sidney heard Henry recite NBC.  MSS
1807 Susan C. Livingston [Gurney] born .
Descendants of Charles and Eliza:
"Eliza Brewer ... always maintained she had heard the poem read by Henry Livingston himself,
which she was yet a child, & she had been familiar with the verses before 1822."
                 13 Mar 1917  Jeanie P. L. Hubbard [Denig]                 MSS
Descendants of Charles and Eliza:
My grandmother, Eliza Clement Brewer Livingston, knew her father-in-law, Major Henry
Livingston all her llife and was on intimate terms with the family from her childhood- she lived
with her grandparents Mitchell at "Russ Plass" the estate adjoining the Livingstons.

She told me that Major Henry wrote verses all the time, & always at New Year, an address
that was published in the Poughkeepsie paper- "Donder & Blitzen" was a familiar expression
of his- He wore a night cap in winter & his wife tied her head up in a 'kerchief-"
                 23 Dec 1918  Jeanie P. L. Hubbard [Denig]                 MSS

Descendants of Charles and Eliza:
My proof that H.L. wrote the poem is the "say so" of "my grandmother Livingston who lived
with us until 1878 when she died. She was Eliza Clement Brewer, and lived with her mother
& her parents, the Mitchells in the house called "Russ Plass", later bought by Judge Smith
Thompson. My grandmother grew up with the Livingston children & was much at Locust Grove.
She said that everybody knew that H.L. wrote the poem, & when she was a child she had been
invited to spend Christmas with the Livingston children & grandfather had read the poem to
them -- as his own. My mother said that her father always told or read the poem as having
been written by his father. My mother grew up believing it, and taught us to believe it, and
grandmother always said 'There is no question about it-- There has simply been a mistake!'"

                 2 Oct 1917  Jeanie P. L. Hubbard [Denig]                 MSS
1808 Catharine Livingston [Breese] dies .
1813 Henry W. Livingston dies at 35 .
1814 Catharine B. Livingston dies at 14 .
1814 . According to Cornelia G. Goodrich, 5 children
remembered Henry reciting NBC. Catharine lived in
Utica and died in 1808, so the 5 children would have
been Charles, Sidney, Edwin, Jane and neighbor
Eliza C. Mitchell [Livingston], who married Charles.  MSS
1821 . - Edwin's poem letter used 3 NBC words
          visions, hoof, & lustre
- Letter owned by Jeanie P. L. H. [Denig]  MSS
- Letter referenced in 1919 DCHS Article by Wm S. Thomas
- Neither Edwin's original letter nor the typed version Jean
promised to send WST has surfaced

The typed version seems not in Thomas Collection.
It could possibly be in the NYHS.

With seeing our friends and returning their calls,
No care intervenes or trouble enthralls.
Our sisters, myself, with about thirty more
Made as social a group as e'er crowded a floor,
We parted at twelve and soundly at one,
Slept I in the famous old mansion of stone;
The visions of gaiety cheering till morn,
When the magic is broke by the loud breakfast horn.

Jane, Helen and pa tomorrow set sail,
And anxiously wait the glad summons to hail
That calls all on board and off for New York;
The tight "Sally Frances" plies shrewdly to work.
A fortnight at least they'll stay in the city.

Pa returns in a week, for naught at his age
Amuses - the fashions and gay equipage;
Far dearer to him is the still country shade
Than the bustle of cities, their pomp and parade.
                 11 Jun 1821  Edwin G. Livingston  MSS

1823 . NBC in Troy Sentinel 23 Dec
1823 . Elizabeth Clement Brewer [Livingston}  MSS
1826 Charles P. Livingston marries
Elizabeth C. Brewer [Livingston]
1828 . NBC published in Poughkeepsie paper
1828 Henry Livingston dies .
1829 Jane P. Livingston [Hubbard] born .
1829 Locust Grove sold, home broken up .
1830 . earliest possible date by which NBC original and printed
copy found by sons at Henry's
1834 . Charles and Eliza Brewer told daughter Jane P. Livingston
that her grandfather had written the poem.   MSS
"My mother, Jean P. L. {Hubbard], ... said all during her early childhood she often listened to
'The Night Before Xmas' recited to her by both her parents (Charles and Eliza Brewer), who invariably
told her that her grandfather Livingston had written the verses."
                 13 Mar 1917  Jeanie P. L. Hubbard [Denig]                 MSS
1837 . Hoffman names Moore as NBC poet
1838 Mother, Jane Patterson [Livingston], dies .
1838 . extreme latest date by which NBC original and printed
copy found by sons at Henry's
1842 Cornelia G. Goodrich born in NO, LA .
1844 . Moore publishes NBC
1846 Susan C. Livingston [Gurney]
marries Abram Gurney in Dutchess Co
1847 Charles P. Livingston dies .
1847 . Margaret Livingston Crooke (1842-1928), remembered that she
and her elder sister Julia knew when they were young that Henry
had written the poem and were latter surprised to hear
Moore given credit. (not a direct descendant)
1848 Edwin L. Gurney born .
1850 Edwin L. Gurney dies in WI .
1850 Susan C. Livingston [Gurney] and Abram
in census living in Summit WI
1850 . Catharine W. Breese [Griswold]   MSS
- Told the governess story to her granddaughter,
- Henry read the new poem to the family at breakfast
- A Canadian/English governess asked for a copy and took it
when she visited the Moore house on her way to work for
a Moore family down south Mary W. Griswold [Montgomery]
1851 Jeanne Gurney born in WI .
1851 . Henry Livingston Thomas writes to his first cousin, Abraham Lansing:
- mentions 'eight tiny reindeer'.   MSS
- HLT was the son of daughter Jane.
- AL was the son of her husband's sister, Caroline Mary Thomas.
1856 . Latest Edwin G. Livingston could be given original NBC   MSS
1856 Sidney M. Livingston dies .
Descendants of Charles and Eliza:
"In 1859 a paper covered edition of it was put upon the market & it was then grandmother Livingston
saw it & was indignant that it was not attributed to its author, Henry Livingston!"
                 14 Mar 1917  Jeanie P. L. Hubbard [Denig]                 MSS
Descendants of Charles and Eliza:
"My mother was greatly excited when the first edition of the "Night Before Christmas" was published
in the name of Clement C. Moore- She bought a copy & brought it to my grandmother, who calmly
said "Some one has made a mistake- Clement Moore did not write the "Night Before Christmas."
Your grandfather Henry Livingston wrote it. I was brought up to believe this statement.
My grandmother has repeatedly told me all about it- and of having heard it read by
Major Henry himself as by himself."
                 23 Dec 1918  Jeanie P. L. Hubbard [Denig]                 MSS
Descendants of Sidney:
"The question of the authorship of the poem "The Night Before Christmas" was never brought up,
to my knowledge, until after 1862, when it was published and credited to Clement C. Moore."
                 Jan. 10, 1900  Babylon Henry Livingston                 MSS
1863 Edwin G. Livingston dies single in Delafield WI .
1869 . Latest date Henry L. Thomas would have told
Churchill students that his grandfather wrote
the Christmas poem (school closed)   MSS
1870 Jane P. Livingston [Thomas] dies .
1875 . According to Cornelia G. Goodrich], public still
not fully aware Moore claimed NBC  MSS
1879 . Anne L. Goodrich begins the quest
for Henry's NBC attribution   MSS
1879 . Elizabeth D. Livingston [Thompson Lansing] tells her
half-niece, Anne L. Goodrich, that brother Charles
found the NBC original many years after Henry's death
(Bet 1828-1838) and took it home to Ohio   MSS
1886 Catharine W. Breese [Griswold] dies .
1886 . Cornelia G. Griswold tries to convince
Benson Lossing of Henry as NBC poet   MSS
1886 Elizabeth D. Livingston
[Thompson Lansing]
1889 Susan C. Livingston [Gurney] dies .
1899 . Babylon Henry Livingston publishes in his
newspaper that Henry was NBC poet
1900 . Cornelia G. Griswold reaches out to half-1st-cousin
Babylon Henry Livingston, introducing herself.   MSS
- Says half-1st-cousin Edwin G. Livingston had
original NBC with him when he went west, and it burned
- 5 children heard Henry recite poem.
- Governess story
1900 . Babylon Henry Livingston replies.   MSS
- Father Sidney had the original
- Original NBC given to Edwin at Sidney's death
- Heard Moore displeased at poem's attribution
- 8 yr old Sidney heard Henry recite poem (1804-5)
- Thinks NBC published in Knickerbocker near creation
1902 Cornelia P. Griswold [Goodrich] dies .
1905 . Gertrude F. Thomas reples to Cornelia G. Goodrich,
who wants info for Mary W. Goodrich [Montgomery]   MSS
- Charles P. Livingston, being maybe 8 or 10,
remembered best Henry reciting newly written NBC.
- Charles had printed copy from Poughkeepsie Eagle,
often read to friends
- "Jeannie" Hubbard saw printed NBC, but can't
remember date
1906 Babylon Henry Livingston dies .
1909 . Gertrude F. Thomas wants info from Cornelia G. Goodrich,
for William S. Thomas   MSS
- Jeannie Hubbard told her in person (see below)
"Cousin Jeannie Hubbard xx I have been visiting this autumn - says she has heard her father tell of
just where his father sat when he wrote this famous poem, and after it was finished, of his emerging
from his retirement, and reading it to the assembled family. She also remembers the old Poughkeepsie
paper in which it was printed- and how often her father would bring it out with pride, and read it to
a circle of friends assembled in their cozy parlor. She feels pride - as sure of the authorship of the poem,
as she does of her own existence-"
                 8 Oct bef. 1909  Jeanie P. L. Hubbard [Denig]                 MSS
1917 . Gertrude Fonda Thomas writes to William S. Thomas,   MSS
- has found poetry mss in Aunt Jeanne's(?) bookcase!
- the one Aunt Sue thought was burned in their first fire
- giving it to WST
1917 . Jeanie P. L. H. [Denig] writes to William S. Thomas.
Her mother, Jane P. Livingston [Hubbard] said she knew
the poem before 1822   MSS
"My mother said that her grandfather used the 'Dunder & Blitzen' as familiarly as some other
people say 'Great Scott!'"
                 12 Mar 1917  Jeanie P. L. Hubbard [Denig]                 MSS
1918 Mary W. Goodrich [Montgomery] dies .
. Gertrude F. Thomas to Mary W. Goodrich [Montgomery]
- Charles always said he remembered when his father
wrote it
- The printed poem was locked in a bookcase drawer
- After his death, the bookcase and poem went to
Jane P. Livingston [Hubbard]; she has the desk
but the poem has been lost
- knows the 1st public date of the poem is 1822, but is
sure Henry wrote it much earlier.   MSS
1920 . William S. Thomas asks Casimir Moore if attribution
argument at school true   MSS    Moore replies   MSS
1920 . Jeanie L. Gurney writes to William S. Thomas,   MSS
- "Mother had a blank book in which grandfather had written
a number of his poems. And oh how often I have wished for it.
But it was burned when our house burned in 1869.

WST never tells her that his aunt Gertie found the book
and gave it to him.

1923 Jeanie L. Gurney dies .
1926 Gertrude F. Thomas dies .
1927 Cornelia G. Goodrich dies .
? . Rev. Harold Thomas (1877-1971) tells his friends that the
reindeer were named for the horses in Henry's stable

Descendants of Major Henry Livingston, Jr.

1 Major Henry Livingston, Jr. b: 13 Oct 1748 in Po'keepsie NY d: 29 Feb 1828 in Po'keepsie
  +Sarah Welles b: 07 Nov 1752 in Stamford CT d: 01 Sep 1783 in Stamford CT

    2 Catharine Livingston b: 18 Aug 1775 in Po'keepsie' d: 21 Aug 1808 in Utica
      +Arthur Breese b: 11 Sep 1770 in Shrewsbury NJ; d: 13 Aug 1825 in Utica NY; b: Utica

        3 Judge Sidney Breese b: 15 Jul 1800 in Whitesborough, N.Y d: 27 Jun 1878 in Pinkneyville, Ill.
        3 Elizabeth Breese b: 30 Jun 1797 d: Aft. 1873 in of Brooklyn NY
          +William Malcolm Sands b: 09 Mar 1788 in yellow bk: Joshua Sands d: 12 May 1866
            4 Catharine Livingston Sands b: 1817 d: 06 Sep 1884 died unmarried
            4 Joshua Ayscough Sands b: 1819 d: 27 Feb 1854 died unmarried
            4 William Henry Sands b: 1821 d: 27 Mar 1868
              +Catharine Campbell Halsey b: in Maybe abt 1827 if 1880 census person
        3 Catharine Walker Breese b: 09 Oct 1798 d: 01 Mar 1886 in Poughkeepsie
          +Captain Samuel Birdsill Griswold b: 01 Mar 1796 in Newburgh NY d: 12 Aug 1830 in Brooklyn NY
            4 Sarah Elizabeth Griswold b: 25 Dec 1822 in Sault Ste Marie MI d: 14 Nov 1901 in Berlin, Germany
              +Samuel Finley Breese Morse b: 27 Apr 1791 in Charlestown MA - Morse Code! d: 02 Apr 1872 in NYC
            4 Cornelia Platt Griswold b: 1821 in LA d: 28 Jan 1902 in Poughkeepsie
              +William McLean Goodrich b: Abt. 1808 in of N O d: Jan 1881 in Poughkeepsie
                5 Cornelia Griswold Goodrich b: 1842 in LA d: 28 Jan 1927
                5 Anne Livingston Goodrich b: 16 Jul 1851 in LA d: 16 Jul 1902 in Poughkeepsie
                5 Mary Willis Goodrich b: 1859 in NO d: 14 May 1918
                  +Edward Livingston Montgomery b: 21 Jul 1855 in Rhinebeck NY d: 21 Apr 1913
            4 Arthur Breese Griswold b: 09 Sep 1829 d: 30 May 1877
              +Fanny Newman b: in of New Orleans LA
        3 Henry Livingston Breese b: 12 Mar 1804 d: 02 Aug 1817 in Boston MA
        3 Arthur Breese, Jr. b: 22 Dec 1805 d: Oct 1838 in Pensacola FL unmarried
        3 Mary Davenport Breese b: 09 Jan 1808 d: Aft. 1884 in Waterford CT
          +Henry Leonard Davis b: 27 Dec 1802 in of Waterford , Rensselaer Co NY d: 1880

    2nd Wife of Major Henry Livingston, Jr.:
      +Jane McLean Patterson b: 22 Jan 1769 in Fredericksburgh NY d: 26 Aug 1838 in Poughkeepsie

    2 Dr. Charles Paterson Livingston b: 18 May 1794 in Po'keepsie NY d: 29 Aug 1847 in Painesville Oh
      +Elizabeth Clement Brewer b: 13 Jul 1798 in Yorktown, NY d: 02 Apr 1878 in Sandusky, Ohio
        3 Jane Patterson Livingston b: 13 Dec 1829 in Painesville Ohio d: 22 Mar 1909 in Sandusky Ohio
          +Lester Samuel Hubbard b: 16 Dec 1807 in Bloomfield CT d: 12 Jul 1875
            4 Jeanie Paterson Livingston Hubbard b: 01 Aug 1856 in Sandusky, Ohio d: 30 Dec 1945 in Sandusky Ohio
              +Commodore Robert Gracey Denig, U. S. N b: 22 May 1851 in Columbus Ohio d: 09 Apr 1924 in Sandusky Ohio
            4 Charles Livingston Hubbard b: 28 Apr 1851 in Sandusky Ohio d: 20 May 1904 in Sandusky Ohio
              +Jennie Matilda West b: 30 Nov 1855 in Sandusky Ohio
            4 Katherine Hubbard
        3 Eliza Livingston b: 1827 d: 07 Sep 1829 in Aged 2 yrs & 4 mo.
        3 Charles H. Livingston b: Abt. 1832
        3 Thomas Brewer Livingston b: 02 May 1836 d: 06 Jan 1904
        3 Private Edwin Livingston b: 29 Dec 1838 d: 30 Apr 1881 in 1880's killed by Indians
        3 Mary Mitchell Livingston b: Abt. 1833 d: 27 Nov 1843
        3 Mary Eliza Livingston b: 1843 d: 15 Sep 1847

    2 Elizabeth Davenport Livingston b: 17 Mar 1805 in Poughkeepsie NY d: 21 Mar 1886 in Michigan
      +Judge Smith Thompson b: 11 Jan 1768 d: 18 Dec 1843 in Poughkeepsie
    *2nd Husband of Elizabeth Davenport Livingston:
      +Judge Richard Ray Lansing b: 07 Jul 1789 in Albany NY Of Whitesboro Oneida NY d: 29 Sep 1855 in Detroit MI
        3 Smith Thompson b: 14 Feb 1843 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York d: in Poughkeepsie, Ny
          +Sarah A. Moore b: 1853 in Hudson, Columbia NY
        3 Eliza Livingston Thompson b: 29 Mar 1838 in Poughkeepsie, New York d: 02 Apr 1839 in died infancy; Poughkeepsie
        3 Jeannie Thompson b: 1841 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York d: in Poughkeepsie, Ny

    2 Sidney Montgomery Livingston b: 04 Oct 1796 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY d: 15 Nov 1856
              +Joannah Maria Holthuysen b: 01 Apr 1804 in Hyde Park, Dutchess, New York d: 13 Mar 1862 in Poughkeepsie
        3 Eliza Livingston b: 27 May 1840 d: 30 Sep 1856 in Poughkeepsie
        3 Anna Livingston b: 08 Aug 1847 d: 15 Aug 1847 in Poughkeepsie
        3 Henry Livingston b: 11 Dec 1837 in Poughkeepsie, NY d: 14 Jun 1906 in Babylon, Suffolk Co., LI NY
              +Augusta Carrl
            4 Julia Thompson Livingston b: 28 Nov 1864 in Babylon, Suffolk, New York
            4 Elbert Carrl Livingston b: 04 May 1862 in Babylon, Suffolk, New York
            4 Mabel Livingston b: 17 Jan 1868 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York
        3 Lavinia Clarkson Livingston b: 21 Dec 1835 in Hyde Park, Dutchess, NY d: 02 May 1934 in Oakland CA
              Adolph Martinius R. Haugen
            4 Emma Helena Haugan b: Dec 1879 in La Crosse, WI d: Dec 1957 in Lafayette CA
              +Robert Harris Macfarlane
        3 Maria Clarkson Livingston b: 11 Jul 1844 Hyde Park, Dutchess, NY d: 25 Feb 1929, Great Notch, NJ
              +Sheldon W. Hewins

    2 Helen Platt Livingston b: 19 Nov 1802 d: 27 Jul 1859 in Poughkeepsie

    2 Jane Patterson Livingston b: 04 Dec 1800 in of Poughkeepsie d: 25 Apr 1870 in Poughkeepsie
              +Reverend William Barber Thomas b: 1797 in Or 1798 d: 22 Oct 1876 in Poughkeepsie
        3 Caroline Mary Thomas b: 1841 d: 01 Dec 1860 in Poughkeepsie
        3 Gertrude Fonda Thomas b: 1833 d: 1926 in Poughkeepsie
        3 Jane Livingston Thomas b: 1831 in Jeannie? d: 1914 in Poughkeepsie
              +Mark A. King b: Abt. 1821 d: 22 May 1866 in at 45; Poughkeepsie
            4 Mabel Livingston King b: 16 Jul 1861 d: 01 Dec 1866 in Poughkeepsie
        3 Henry Livingston Thomas b: 1835 in of Poughkeepsie d: 1903
              +Alice Rebecca Phinney b: 1831 in of Poughkeepsie d: 1897
            4 William Sturges Thomas b: 11 Oct 1871 d: 1941
              +Emma Rhein (Ellsie) Frank b: 1870 in related to Hanan (shoes)
                5 William Stephen Thomas b: 1909
                  +Katharine Cornesh b: 1909
        3 Archdeacon William Reed Thomas b: 08 Nov 1843 in Schenectady NY d: 12 Apr 1913 in NYC
              +Mary Louisa Eldridge b: in of Poughkeepsie d: 02 Mar 1913
            4 Rev. Harold Livingston Reed Thomas b: 1877 d: Abt. 1971
            4 Egbert Eldridge Thomas b: 22 Dec 1878 in Highland Falls NY d: Jan 1966
              +Clara Marguerite Applegate
            4 Gertrude Dorothea Thomas b: 1884 d: 26 Feb 1915

    2 Edwin George Livingston b: 17 Nov 1798 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY d: 02 Oct 1863 in Delafield WI

    2 Susan Catherine Livingston b: 23 Apr 1807 in of Schenectady County NY d: 07 Nov 1889
      +Abram Gifford Gurney b: 1809 in Pleasant Valley, Dutchess, NY d: Aft. 1880 in Delafield

        3 Jeanie Livingston Gurney b: 02 Jul 1850 in of Summit NJ d: 17 Aug 1923


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