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The Night Before Christmas
by Henry Livingston, Jr., NOT Clement Moore

Soft Cover 32 pages with 32 illustrations from 14 vintage editions; one page text; glossy stock
Kindle 114 pages, with 89 illustrations from 21 vintage editions; 14 MB; about twenty-five pages of the story of Henry, and the quest to prove his authorship- at children's reading level; Appendix of Illustrations by Author

The illustrations are from the Van Deusen-Kosinski collection of documents and illustrations. I've been able to afford to purchase so many original editions because I buy damaged copies which I repair with Photoshop. What that means is that, though the original illustrations are old, these versions remain under copyright protection because they are the result of my work.

It's terribly expensive to publish a color book on high quality stock, so I was limited in how many illustrations I could fit into the soft cover book. The last page was saved for a description of the history of the authorship issue.

The resulting book will be a beautiful addition to your bookshelf, and something to pass down in the family. It's a history of publications of the poem with illustrations drawn from vintage editions dated from 1869 to 1918. Individual artists include Thomas Nast, Margaret Evans Price, Sarah Noble Ives, W.W. Denslow, Gladys Hall, Jesse Wilcox Smith, F.J.E., Eleanora Madsen, A.E. Kennedy, John R. Neill, and Howard E. Altemus.

But with the creation of the Kindle book, all those restrictions were lifted. This edition includes 89 different illustrations from 21 vintage editions that were published from 1840 to 1918. Besides the individual artists from the soft cover edition - Thomas Nast, Margaret Evans Price, Sarah Noble Ives, W.W. Denslow, Gladys Hall, Jesse Wilcox Smith, F.J.E., Eleanora Madsen, A.E. Kennedy, John R. Neill, and Howard E. Altemus - the Kindle edition includes illustrations from Alfred Fredericks, William T. Smedley, and Hugo von Hofsten.

Without the space constraint, it was possible to add an expanded story of Henry Livingston, his writing, and the quest to prove him the author of "The Night Before Christmas." This section is written in a style suitable for reading to a young audience.

For many years, academic scholars have made the case that the actual author of "The Night Before Christmas" was Henry Livingston, Jr. of Poughkeepsie, NY. These scholars included Vassar President Henry Noble MacCracken, University of Pennsylvania Professor Tristram Potter Coffin, and Vassar Professor Don Foster. But the arguments they made were linguistic analysis and other scholars took Moore's side.

Auckland University Professor Emeritus MacDonald P. Jackson decided to approach the problem differently, using statistical analysis to examine the unconscious characteristics of the language each poet used. Developing tests that could discriminate the writing of one man from the writing of the other, Jackson examined the Christmas poem and found that it shared the linguistic characteristics of Henry Livingston, and not Clement Moore.

And so, almost two hundred years after the poem first appeared in the 1823 issue of the Troy Sentinel, the question is finally settled. The author of the poem is Henry Livingston, Jr. of Poughkeepsie, the Christmas author you always loved without ever knowing who he was.

If you want to follow Jackson's data and prove it to yourself, I strongly recommend you get his book, Who Wrote "The Night Before Christmas".

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