Henry Livingston, Jr.
Henry Livingston's Documents

15 Sep 1742 Henry Sr. - Dutchess County Clerk
Henry Sr.'s Appointment as Dutchess County Clerk
16 Oct 1772 Day Book
Owes Andrew Billings 12-6 for box
Traded 2 yr old bull for 2 yr old heifer with James Livingston
Barter economy - North pays Lawrence what Henry owes Lawrence;
Henry now owes North
1 Jan 1773 Day Book
Pays Andrew Billings 12-6 owed for snuff box (we know of 2 snuff boxes;
one with Henry Sr. house; one with George Washington;
Kills hogs; pork used to pay off debts owed; pays North
27 Jan 1773 Day Book
Jaunt to Livingston Manor; also travels to NYC (pays tailor)
Buys coach horses of Lawrence on credit for payment in June
Potatoes used to pay off debts owed
5 Apr 1773 Day Book
Indian corn used to pay off debts owed
2 Aug 1775 Appointment
Commission as 3rd NY Major, signed by John Hancock
25 Mar 1782 Order of Sequestration
Rents farm sequestered from John Miltar in Rumabout to Doctor John Calkin
29 Dec 1785 Acting as Justice of the Peace
Summon Gabriel Hughson
25 Oct 1789 Justice of the Peace
Summon Thomas Bayeux and Abraham Freer
1742-1799 Henry Sr. bible
Lists all of Henry and Susannah's children
17 Apr 1799 Accounting
In his role as Principal Assessor
2 Oct 1799 Dunning Notice
For New York Magazine subscription, the mag. in which he published thru '95
30 Dec 1800 Land Arbitration
Arbitration to set value of property after death of father
18 Apr 1809 Turnpike Land
Henry sells land to turnpike for $1.
1 Dec 1817 Henry [Jr.] Will
Typed will of Henry [Jr.], dated 10 years before his death


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