Henry Livingston, Jr.
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married to Sarah after Sarah married to Jane

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Before Sarah
May 28 '48 Grandaunt Joanna, the sister of Henry's father, marries Pierre Van Cortlandt
Oct 13 '48 Henry born in Poughkeepsie
'53 Henry Sr. Dutch Reformed Church Elder for first time
'61 First year Henry Livingston, Sr. represents Dutchess County in NY State Congress
'61 Livingstons hold many NY posts including:
Robert Livingston, Jr., Judge of the Admiralty Court
James Livingston, Jr., sheriff of Dutchess County
'68 Last year Henry Livingston, Sr. represents Dutchess County in NY State Congress
'61 Livingstons still hold many NY posts including:
Pierre Van Cortlandt and Philip Livingston, Jr., Colonial Assembly
James Livingston, Jr., still sheriff
Mar 20 '70 Letter from Gilbert to Henry spending winter in NYC at Col. Beekman's
Oct 21 '71 Lease to Henry Livingston, Sr. of land in Schuyler Patent, Duchess Co, DS (2397)
Nov 25 '71 "Mathew Conklin Dt 6 shillings for a shoat (0-6-0)"
Feb 12 '72 "Bought of John Davis a heifer for 1s9 and an Almanack for 6d, pd him down 0-2-3"
Feb 15 '72 "Elias brought up from Dadys 10, 3/4 Inch boards being 189 feet of 1 slab?"
Feb 21 '72 "Agreed with Charles Dogarty an Irish Jerseyman for his working a month" at 32 shillings"
Feb 24 '72 "Fetch'd a new axe from Marlyn Bushes"
Mar 2 '72 "Gilbert Livingston fetch'd away 7 load of hay out of John's meadow- One fag let me have for wintering his bull"
Mar 6 '72 "Gilbert fetch'd away 2 beehives with the bees"
Mar 7 '72 "This evening Daniel Fisher, wife & 4 children came here, He is to stay a year & for his & wife's services, am to give him L18 & also to maintain his 3 youngest children"
Mar 9 '72 "Dady bought a Heifer Calf of Daniel Fisher for 16sh"
Mar 10 '72 "Return'd a pair of shoes to Kelsey that were too small"
Mar 11 '72 "Sent down the last of the wheat, in all 144 1/2 bus, besides what was thresh'd out before Christmas for bread & seed ?herexeu?"
Mar 12 '72 "The Old Sow got 8 pigs"
Mar 15 '72 "This morning Hannah Tappen went away. She has been here in all 4 months & 26 days."
Mar 18 '72 "Myndert Van Kleeck Dr to 2 Bus. potatoes 0-14-0"
Mar 23 '72 "Fetch'd a jag of hay from Dodys, Bot a pair of shoes from Kelsy's for myself & 2 bags of Rhe broken for Horses"
Mar 23 '72 "Pd Hans Van Kleeck's wife 1 sh for a scoop I got from there some time ago"
Mar 25 '72 "This morning Charles Dogharty went away."
Mar 25 '72 "Gilbert fetch'd 2 empty hogsheads away"
Mar 31 '72 "Then agreed with Wells Henry a New England Irishman to work a month for 34 sh"
Mar 31 '72 "Fisher finish'd pruning the Orchard"
Apr 3 '72 "Gilbert fetch'd 11 bottles of his cherry wine away being all he had"
Apr 7 '72 "paid Joshua Owen 3 Dollars being the remainder of what Dady owed him for a pair of breeches and gloves Got 16s3 of Gilbert to make the sum up"
Apr 13 '72 "Matthew Conklin Credr by 6 sh in payment for a shoat he bought last fall"
Apr 14 '72 "Planted Out 34 Apples & 5 Locust Trees"
May 1 '72 "Brought up a jag of Hay from Dadys"
May 2 '72 "Turn'd down 5 of Dadys & 5 of my own young cattle in the woods"
May 6 '72 "Wells Henry went away. Dady pd him 34sh yesterday"
May 6 '72 "James Livingston Credt by 1/2 bus pease"
May 9 '72 "At noon set off for Rhinebeck to run a line for R.G. Livingston from Waraghkam ?? to Schuylers xx; was out 4 1/2 days, expenses 5sh6, wages 10sh a day"
May 25 '72 "At noon Welles, an over the River, or Five Nation Man, began Ditching at 4sh a day & 3 gills grain"
May 28 '72 "With Brother John I set off for New York, where I staid abt. a fortnight, & came up again with Hannah and Sally Hansen on board Hardenberg from Rhinebeck. Came home the 12th of June"
Jun 16 '72 "Work'd on the road today"
Jun 17 '72 "Welles Dt to 2 Bus. Rye & 1 of Indian Corn from Dadys"
Jun 19 '72 "Bought of John Freer the Bull that was Gilberts 5-3-0"
Jun 23 '72 "Dady paid John Freer for the Bull 5-0-0"
Jul 6 '72 "Bought a hat for Wendell Fisher for which pd 0-2-0"
Aug 26 '72 "Exchang'd hats with Melancthon Smith & am to give him last 3 Bus. wheat (pd him the cash)"
Sep 11 '72 "On Fryday evening my sister Caty died & was buried the Sunday afternoon following-- Cornelia, Susan & myself then in New York"
Sep 11 '72 "Gilbert Livingston Credt by 32s6 which he paid me 29th August now past 1-12-6"
Sep 22 '72 "Gave Gilbert a couple shoats"
Sep 23 '72 "Daniel Fisher and family mov'd away-- Dady paid him L18 his whole years wages for 6 months & 16 days"
Sep 23 '72 "Garret Van Hoesen & wife & daughter mov'd here today- They came down to Dadys the 6th of August last-- they are to stay a year at L24"
Oct 7 '72 "Garret Van Hoesen Dr to 38shills for a Buckskin Breecher this day sold him 1-18-0"
Oct 16 '72 "Andrew Billings Crdt by 12 sh & 6p for a box bt of him"
Oct 16 '72 "Paid Hardenburgh the boatman 16s3 for carrying a potash kettle from Rhinebeck to Davis's"
Oct 16 '72 "Aramias Cooper credt by L3..4 for the above kettle (pd)"
Oct 26 '72 "Hired Elias Van Beenschooten for a month at 40sh. He stayed 12 days - owe him"
Oct 27 '72 "Exchang'd with James Livingston for a 2 years old Heifer by 2 yearling Black Bull"
Oct 28 '72 "Paid 1sh8 for 2 Bushells of Lime"
Nov 7 '72 "John Freer borrow'd a dozen Bottles"
Dec 15 '72 "Elderken and Waterman Do L1..1..5 for 318 hogshead & 1000 Barrell hoop poles"
Dec 21 '72 "Mrs Catharine Laurence Credit 49sh paid her by Robert North for a teatable & Doz. cups & saucers I bt of her last fall"
Dec 29 '72 "Robert North Credt by L24-19-4 He carrying down for me 62 bushels of wheat, got 9sh per bushell after deducting for freight 10s4 for measuring 1s3 1/2 -- pd him 4sh for 50 Limes"
Dec 30 '72 "Elias V. Beenschooten Crdt by 18s & 5d for 12 days work"
Jan 1 '73 "Paid Andrew Billings 12s6 for a snuff & smelling box bt of him last fall"
Jan 1 '73 "Paid Richard Warner 16sh for leading my mare from New York"
Jan 1 '73 "Paid Mich. Brie 8 shill. for sundry small art."
Jan 4 '73 "Finishd killing 13 hogs, wt in all 2088 lb. Ezekiel Cooper L3-11-2 for 178 lb of pork bt of me at 40sh per 100 lb"
Jan 4 '73 "Robert North L7--12 for 380 lb of pork bt of me at 40 sh"
Jan 4 '73 "Michael Brice had a hog wt 170 lb for which he paid me in Cash (3-8--)"
Jan 4 '73 "Bt of M Price 3.2 gall pots & pd him for them 7sh3"
Jan 8 '73 "Garret Van Hoesen to 5sh paid for him to ? - 20 sh for a pr mittens"
Jan 21 '73 "M. Brice Credt by L1-7-9 for 4 yds Duffells & a pair of white worsted binding"
Jan 21 '73 "Abm. Swartwout Crdt by L1..0..9 in full for Blacksmith work"
Jan 23 '73 "Pd Silvanus Birkwith -5-"
Jan 27 '73 "Elderkin & Waterman Crdt by 2sh6 for a basket bt of them"
Feb 3 '73 "Return'd from a jaunt to Livingstons manor Expenses while out L1-2-7"
Feb 8 '73 "B a couple wooden bowls -2-"
Feb 10 '73 "Set of with Mrs Lawrence for New York & came home again the 27th expense while out L4-7-8
While in Town I paid in full Mr. Hinley as Taylor 17s8
& Bt of Mrs C Lawrence her Coach horses for L20 payable the 1st of next June & interest if not then paid"
Mar 16 '73 "Thomas Smith Cr to 1 1/2 bus potatoes"
Mar 27 '73 "Do to 1 1/2 bus more of potatoes"
Mar 29 '73 "Isaac Romine I paid 7 sh in full of all acct"
Apr 3 '73 "Bayley the Blacksmith Crdt by 1sh 6 for mending Harry Judge's Curb Bridle"
Apr 3 '73 "William Emmot credt for mending Do halter
Do Crdit 6sh for padding my saddle"
Apr 5 '73 "John Davis Cdt by 2sh I paid him for 2 padlocks"
Apr 6 '73 "Nathan Freer credt by L1 in full of all accts"
Apr 14 '73 "H Isaac Bull Crdt by making wheelbarrow -16-"
Apr 14 '73 "Richard Warner Crdt by 6sh in full for bringing up my horse from Newyork"
Apr 14 '73 "Bayley the Blacksmith Crdt by 1sh6 paid him for xx xx of 8d I owe him for staples"
Apr 14 '73 "Robert North Crdt by L7-12-paid to Mrs Cath. Lawrence"
Apr 15 '73 "Peter Freer Jun Crdt 2sh 6 for weaving a pair Collars"
Apr 19 '73 "Paid Bayley for staples & shoeing wheelbarrow all to 6d which yet owe him"
Apr 19 '73 "Jerry Baum Dr to 1 1/2 bus Indian Corn in part of 3 bus I owe him for making a feyck? I have paid him all of June -12-"
Apr 19 '73 "John Schenck Dr to 7 Bus: potatoes -14-"
Apr 19 '73 "Mathew Concklin Dr to 6sh for 3 bus Bus: Do -6-"
Apr 19 '73 "Richard Warner Dr to 4sh for 2 bus Bus: Do -4-"
Apr 19 '73 "Thomas Smith Dr to 3sh for 1 1/2 bus Bus: Do -3-"
Apr 19 '73 "Joseph Wells Dr to 6 lb Hogsfat: Do -4-"
May 6 '73 "Return'd from Surveying at Rhinebeck for Mr. Robt G. Livingston, I was out 14 days, with a Chainbearer I took with me-- Dr to said service 27-0-0"
May 6 '73 "Exchang'd my pair of Coachhorses with James Wolsey. He gave me for them a Black horse of 3 years old & L15 in the bargain. Gave me his note of hand for L10 payable next May Interest to begin now on 1st of June & L5 I am to take in his way as Shoemaker"
May 12 '73 "Martyn Bush Dr to 10sh for half a days surveying done for him 0-10-0"
May 27 '73 "Cath. Heyser Crdt by 9sh for 3 days Cleaning-- Have paid her in full. 0-9-0"
Jun 7 '73 "Robert G. Livingston Crdt by Cash in full for surveying done for him last spring. 27-14-0"
Jun 7 '73 "John Saboyleaux Dr to L5"9 in part of what I owe him for Clothes 5-9-0"
Jun 7 '73 "Bt of James Rivington 15 sheets parchment for which gave L2..12..6"

Bt of Philip Brasher 2 pieces Nankeen pd 10th other expenses 2-1-10
To Mrs. Grooms for 1 1/2 Hyson tea 1-10-0"

Jun 14 '73 "Bt of Robert G. Livingston Jun 3 Lottery tickets 1 dollar each to be paid when drawn"
Jun 19 '73 "John Jones sent his horse to pasture here. He stay'd one month Dt 0-7-0"
Jun 19 '73 "Garret Van Hoesen Dr to 45 shillings & I promis'd to pay for him to Michael Prue 2-5-0"
Jun 22 '73 "Garret Van Hoesen Dr to 7 sh for 2 Bus. In: Corn 0-7-0 Do Dr to 6 sh I paid for him in Lard to Maurice Smith"
Jun 24 '73 "Jonas Kelsey Crdt by a pair shoes"
Jun 26 '73 "Thomas Smith Dr to a sow shoat 0-9-0"
Jun 29 '73 "John Freer Crdt by 3 pecks buckwheat"
Jul 2 '73 "John Davis Crdt by 6 lbs loaf sugar"
Jul 28 '73 "Elderkin Credt by a gallon mollasses 0-2-2"
Aug 2 '73 "Brother Gilbert Cret 1s6d. He paid for me at Evrite?? 0-1-6"
Aug 9 '73 "Mathew Concklin & myself exchang'd cattle * gave him a 2 years old heifer for a Bull of the same age & He is to give me 6sh & 1 bus Ind. Corn to Boot-- Has paid Half a bus"
Aug 11 '73 "Hired Muhail Coleman an Antiquated Hibernian for 26 dry day at 50sh"
Aug 27 '73 "Joseph Higgins bro't a Cow to pasture at 4 sh per month. Abraham Swartwout is to pay for all her keeping."
Sep 1 '73 "Joseph Higgins bro't 4 young Cattle to pasture at 6sh a head per month"
Sep 1 '73 "Terry Bacorn has had of Mathew COncklin 1/2 bus Indian Corn-- so Concklin owes me now"
Sep 8 '73 "Gilbert Livingston Crdt by L2..12..3 which with what he has paid before clears of the Interest of his bond till the 6th of June last 2-12-3"
Sep 10 '73 "Jonas Kelsy Crdt by a pair shoes"
Sep 11 '73 "Michael Colman Crdt by L2:10 for a month work 2-10-0"
Sep 13 '73 "Abraham Swartwout Crdt by Shoeing Black horse before new shoes"
Sep 14 '73 "Jos. Higgins fetch'd away a brown bullock, He has been here 13 days at 6sh a month is 2sh7d Do Dr to 2 shoats 0-2-7 1-2-0"
Sep 16 '73 "Myndert Van Kleeck I paid 2sh for neglecting working on the road half a day"
Sep 16 '73 "John Schenk Crdt by 43 Bus wheat-- Dady has paid him again in wheat & I am to pay Dady when I thresh 1 kid"
Sep 21 '73 "Martin Bush, Crdt by laying share and sharpening coulter & laying foreshoes on Aaron Mare, I found shoes"
Oct 15 '73 "Jeremiah Bacorn Crdt by 1 1/2 days masoning"
Oct 18 '73 "Abraham Swartwout Crdt by laying on new shoes before on Aaron mare"
Oct 18 '73 "John Davis Crdt by an Almanac 0-0-6
Do Dr to a roaster pig w 19lb 0-8-0"
Oct 19 '73 "John Schenck Crdt by 1/2 bus Indian Corn very bad"
Oct 19 '73 "Hired Daniel Vaile for 2 months for L4 26 dry days each month"
Nov 4 '73 "John Davis Cr by 1 per rib'd white stockings 10s6 & 1 per rib'd blue ones 6s6 0-17-0"
Nov 13 '73 "Peter Tappen Crdt by 2 lb spruce yellow 2sh8/ 1 lb red lead & a gallon Lin. Oil"
Nov 19 '73 "Ezekiel Cooper Crdt by L3..15..3 Dady answering his order-- In payment for pork he had of me last fall"
Nov 19 '73 "John & Paul Schenck have lent me 43 bush of wheat for seed & I have paid them all of it again"
Nov 20 '73 "Waters the Taylor Dr to 6sh 3d in part for making a coat for me 0-8-3"
Dec 7 '73 "Paid a Boatman for a dog 0-8-0"
Dec 14 '73 "Gave J.N. Bunschoten a calf for a sheep"
Dec 16 '73 "Pd John Davis 5sh6 for 2 Bus. of salt"
Dec 30 '73 Love letter to Sally before they're engaged
Jan 10 '73 "Carried down to my Fathers over & above what they sent to Schencks for me 12 1/2 bus of wheat"
Feb 3 '73 "Reed the silversmith Dr to 3s6 in full of all act"
Feb 3 '73 "Jn & Paul Schenck Dr to 7sh for a bag & Bus. of Indian Corn lost in their mill"
Feb 3 '73 "Jacobus Ostrom Dr to L1..15 for gun (returned it)"
Feb 8'74 Love letter to Sally after they're engaged
Mar '73 "Garret V. Hoesen Dr to 9sh for 3 days labour for himself. I am work'd one day of Ho 2 0-9-0"
Apr 21 '73 "Capt L. Platt Crdt by 19swh in part for his mare"
Apr 23 '73 "William Jaycock Crd by L3..10 for 5 Hogsheads of Lime-... rest confusing"
Apr 28 '73 "I paid One Henry Piper 3sh6 for 2 days of work 0-3-6"
Apr 28 '73 "Jerry Bacorn Dr to 1 Bus Indian Corn which clears of all accts between us"

Married to Sarah
May 18'74 Henry and Sally married in Stamford by her father, Rev. Noah Welles
May 28 '74 Sally's father, Rev. Noah Welles, made a Yale Fellow.
empty Nothing between April 28 and June 28 - must have been some honeymoon!
Jun 28 '74 "Hendirck Sheffer Crdt by 13 sh3 in part of 20 shillings he owes me"
Aug 1 '74 "Carel Hoffman Crdt by doctoring my mare 16sh & pasturing a fortnight 3sh 0-19-0"
Oct 3 '74 "Ezekiel Cooper Crdt by waggon springs-- which clears all accounts between us"
'74 Brother Gilbert Dutch Reformed Church Elder for first time
Feb 9 '75 "Melancton Smith Crd by 21 sh I paid for the odds on exchanging hats some time ago 1-1-0"
Feb 9 '75 "Hired Carnie Burrough to thresh at 5d per bus and he is to clean it in the bargain"
Feb 10 '75 "Jacobus Ostrom returned the gun he bt of me above a year ago-- no account now between us 1-5-0"
Feb 16 '75 "Mr. Van Voorhees & myself exchanged guns and he is to give me to boot 30 sh"
Feb 17 '75 "John Davis Dr to 64 eggs"
Feb 20 '75 "Robert Lithgan Dr to 23 sh pd to one jerrion? in full for making 2 pair of womens shoes & mending pair of boots."
Feb 28 '75 "Gave my black horse to John Van Kleeck for a pied Mare and L6 to boot. If I dislike her I am to return her."
Feb 28 '75 "Concklin the Blacksmith Crdt by mending frying pan"
Mar 6 '75 "Frans Laroy Dr to 18sh My Father paid him some time ago for thatching my Barrack 0-18-0"
Mar 10 '75 "Richard Wilkinson Dr to 2sh 6 I paid him for a gallon molasses I had some days ago"
Mar 17 '75 "Gave Mr. Samuel Hake my pied mare value L30 my Dun Colt value L15 & a note of hand for L10 payable next March with Interest for a Chestnut ?? Stallion using?? five years 55-0-0"
Mar 25 '75 "Samuel Dodge Dr to L5 My Father sent him in order to purchase materials for a Blacksmith's bellows 5-0-0"
Mar 30 '75 "Carel Hoffman Dr to 16sh in full for doctoring my Mare 0-16-0"
Apr 1 '75 "James Livingston Crdt by 100 apples trees"
Apr 3 '75 "Robert North Dr to 17sh for a surveyors chain at 16 for a 1/4 of sugar 1-13-0"
Apr 15 '75 "From this day John Freer is to pay 6sh yearly with myself for Holts paper"
Apr 22 '75 "Peter Lon and myself exchanged horses this day I gave him my 2 mares and L20 payable next Christmas as a year with interest for L10 one year - for his pair of horses 20-0-0"
Apr 24 '75 "Simon Freer (son of John) Dr to his mare being by Hero"
May 4 '75 "Went to Oswego & got of one Ingersoll a pair of oxen one 7 & the other 5 years old- My Father pays for them L16-10-0"
May 12 '75 "Peter Vanderburgh Dr to having a mare to Hero, and warranted with foal"
May 20 '75 "William Forman Dr to having his mare to Hero a foal insured"
May 22 '75 "Delivered to Capt North Samuel Hake's white mare & Dunbolt. I have kept them 2 months"
May 23 '75 "Gave Eliza Bayeaux 1sh 10 for a day & half work 0-1-6"
May 24 '75 "Barent Dutcher Dr to 1 mare to Hero 0-16-0"
May 24 '75 "Andrew Billings Credt by 9s9 on my giving him an old pair of silver shoe buckles for a new pair of the same 0-9-9 "
Jun 1 '75 "John Freer Dr to having his Spanish mare to Hero 0-16-0"
Jun 2 '75 "Jacobus Freer Dr to having a bay mare to Do 1-0-0"
Jun 3 '75 "Barent Dutcher Dr to having another mare to Hero - warranted with foal 1-4-0"
Jun 10 '75 "Sarah Runnells quit working here. She has been here 3 mo & 19 days & I have paid her at different times to full amount of her labour 2-18-10"
Jun 12 '75 "This morning hired Rachel Wood at 20sh per month"
Jun 18 '75 "Andrew Billings Credt by making and engraving fare to a seal."
Jun 21 '75 "Nathan Freer Dr to 2 mares to Hero 1-12-0"
Jun 24 '75 "Jacob Van Bunschoten Dr to having a mare to Hero (warranted with foal)"
Jul 1 '75 "Andrew Billings Dr to 11 1/2 lbs old brass"
Jul 3 '75 "Nathaniel Concklin Dr to a Musket 40sh & a Cutteau De Chase 50sh These he returned 4-10-0"
Jul 25 '75 "John Holt Dr 6sh in full & he erases my name from his subscription list"
Jul 25 '75 "John Freer Dr to 3 months receiving Holts paper 0-1-6"
Aug 2 '75 Gilbert tells Henry he won him a commission as Major over several of their cousins and Henry had better take it
Aug 7 '75 "Abraham Swartwout Crdt by laying on pair shoes on Hero 0-1-0"
Aug 7 '75 "Doctr Tappen Crdt by 1sh for Magnesia"
Aug 10 '75 "Gilbert Livingston Crdt by 11s10 for stock stuff paid him"
Aug 12 '75 "Rachel Wood Dr to 24 sh which pays her of 2 months, the next month to begin next Tuesday the 15th at noon 1-4-0"
Aug 18 '75 Birth of Catharine; brother, Rev John Henry Livingston, there as well]
Aug 18 '75 "Rev. Mr. Van Voorhees Crdt by Major Case 1-4-0"
Aug 19 '75 Letter to Col James Clinton; ready to leave to join General Montgomery's expedition; Captain Dubois with him; maybe also Capt. Billings; need more arms; wants Dr. Cooke with regiment
Aug 21 '75 "Nathaniel Concklin Dr to L1..0..6 as for order on Mr. Haire"
Aug 21 '75 "John Davis Crdt as for aut pd him 3-14-11"
Aug 21 '75 "Jonas Kelsy Crdt by 3 pair of shoes"
Aug 25 '75 begins Montgomery journal on leaving Poughkeepsie; mentions many people
Aug 28 '75 listens to Rev Kirkland preach in Indian language and translate; watches part of 6 Nations negotiations
Sep 8 '75 Love letter to Sally after leaving for war
Sep 15 '75 "Doct. Tappen Ct to one quarter of veal 3sh 9d"
Oct 22 '75 Letter from Laprairie on military matters
Nov 4 '75 "Capt Freer for my wife 1-12-0"
Nov 4 '75 "Bushel Wood Dr to 1-12-0"
Nov 4 '75 "Dr to ? Liner Miss 2 sh & a chest 3 sh 0-5-0"
Nov 4 '75 "Doctor Sam. Cooke Dr to a Cutteau he bt of me at Albany last September 3-0-0"
Nov 4 '75 "Capt Jn Concklin Dr to 33 1/2 bushels of wheat he had of me last fall for seed Paid"
Dec 2 '75 Stays overnight at General Schuylers with Schuyler's wife and daughter
Dec 3 '75 Stays a fortnight with Parson Chauncey Graham in Stillwater recovering from his illness
Dec 22 '75 Returns home from Montgomery expedition
Dec '75 Dropped from NY social club which met at Fraunces' Tavern as "of no political importance." Club dissolved Dec '75.
Dec 31 '75 General Montgomery killed in the attack on Quebec.
Jan 15 '76 "Gilbert Livingston Credt by 4sh"
Feb 16 '76 "Fetch'd Hero from Ingersolls"
Feb 26 '76 "Abraham Swartwout Dr to a pamphlet on military exercises 0-3-0"
Mar 4 '76 "This morning I hired Isabella Ferguson for 1 month at 20sh"
Mar 8 '76 "Col. P. Cortland brt. me from Albany the sum of L34..4..1 being in full of my pay - except Billeting money"
Mar 11 '76 "The United Colonies Dr to a large white oak tree which made 3 keels for 1 of their ships To same working this day in chopping at the request of Mr. Mellar

he's hiring people Hunt and Rogers to pull logs and paying them separately
people come in on an as needed basis"

Mar 21 '76 "Gave Capt. Platt my Hero for 2 mares of his. One a grey rising 4 years old, the other a sorrel rising 7 & 40 sh to boot"
Mar 23 '76 "Gilbert Livingston crdt by a riding chair 3-4-0"
Mar 23 '76 "Do Reed the Silversmith Crdt by watch key Is paid 0-1-0"
Mar '76 "just doing a massive amount of work for United Colonies"
Mar '76 "pays off Isabella Fergeson and hires Hannah Campbell at 16sh per month"
Apr 19 '76 "Bt at Haines 7 lbs brown sugar 0-6-0"
Apr 19 '76 "Jacobus Freer Crd by 18sh he pd me in full for his mare"
May 27 '76 "This morning Michael Colman went away. I being at Hanford he has worked 6 days 7 2 hours"
Jun 14 '76 "John Livingston Dr to 5 sh I let his negro have to bear his expenses to NYork am paid"
Jul 4 '76 Chancellor Robert R. Livingston, Jr. - along with Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Roger Sherman - made up the Comittee of Five which wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Jul 9 '76 Granduncle Pierre a member of the Provincial Congress at White Plains that gave NY's ratification to the Declaration of Independence.
Jul 17 '76 "Roche the silversmith Dr to cash for mending my watch 0-9-6"
Jul 23 '76 "Bella went away this morning. (must be Isabella)"
Jul 27 '76 "Bt of Colo John Freer a yearling mare colt 11-0-0"
Jul 27 '76 Theosodia Welles died
Aug 3 '76 "Joseph Welles Dr to Cash 0-5-4"
Aug 11 '76 "Nathaniel Babcock Dr to Cash in full for attendance on Theosodia Welles funeral 0-8-0"
Aug 30 '76 U.S. Continental Congress appropriated money to the NY convention to use the blacksmiths who were building the continental frigates at Poughkeepsie to, instead, work on the chain to put across the Hudson River to block the British movements.
Sep 3 '76 "Jenny Smith Dr to Cash for 5 1/4 days raking last harvest -- N.B. I over paid her 4 0-13-4"
Nov 2 '76 "Isaac Tompkins Dt to Cash in part payment of a wier he has begun for me"
Nov 4 '76 "The Ship Montgomery launched"
Nov 21 '76 "Agreed with Peter DeVoe to work for me from this day till the 20th of March next for L6- N.B. I owe him for previous Labour 11 1/2 days at 2sh per day L1..3"
Nov 26 '76 Henry Welles Livingston born
Nov 26 '76 "Mrs Baker Credt cash in full for spinning worsted"
Nov 26 '76 "Mrs Robinson came at noon to nurse at 10sh 6 per week"
Dec 6 '76 "Received of Henry Livingston Junr the sum of Eleven pounds in full payment for a Dun mare Colt of a year old I sold him last summer John Freer"
Dec 6 '76 "Mrs Robson Dr to Cash for nursing 1 1/2 week 0-16-0"
Dec 25 '76 Henry Welles born
Dec 31 '76 Rev. Noah Welles died; Rev. Timothy Dwight gives funeral sermon
'76 Commissioner of Sequestration
Jan 8 '77 "Hired Dr. Dodges Negro woman at 12 sh per month - began work this morning"
Jan 17 '77 "John Reid Dr to Cash in full for going to Stanford last summer, absent 3 1/2 days 1-16-0"
Feb 5 '77 "Paid Elias Van Bunschoten as Elder my annual subscription to Mr. Freligr 1-0-0"
Mar 26 '77 "Wed Samuel Myer began working for Dady"
Mar 26 '77 "Gave a note payable for a 4 year old mare bt of him paid"
Mar 26 '77 "Attended 2 days County Committee"
Mar '77 Granduncle Pierre Van Cortlandt becomes first Lt Governor of New York (1778-1795), acting as Governor when Governor and General Clinton takes on military responsibilities. (Clinton moves into the house of Brother Gilbert's father-in-law, Tory Bartholomew Crannell, a house now known as Clinton House and housing the Dutchess County Historical Society)
Mar '77 Rev. Timothy Dwight marries Henry's wife's first cousin.
Apr 10-1 '77 "At Kingston on public business"
Apr 10-1 '77 "Attended on Tesday last at county committee"
Apr 19 '77 "Gilbert Livingston Crdt by 0-7-6 for 1 lb of Tea & a shad"
Jul 12 '77 "My brother-in-law Melancthon Welles came here according to agreement with Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey. I am to school and maintain him till he is grown up at his charge. (Also a Day Book entry)"
Jul 15 '77 "I gave my Father a Bond for L205..0..0 interest 6 prcent paid in full"
Oct 6 '77 Brtish take Fort Montgomery and attack Fort Clinton on the west side of Hudson River; George and James Clinton escape
Oct 7 '77 "Went with my family to Oswego 4-3-4"
Oct 14 '77 British burn the Poughkeepsie shipyards
Dec 12 '77 "Hannah the Negro girl of Jacob Ferdon came here to stay till the committe sells her. stayed 8 or 10 days"
Dec 18 '77 "Andrew Billings bd by cleaning 2 watches"
Dec 20 '77 "N.B. Since the 11th Instant I have kept a horse for the state and boarded a man in the commisioners employ 8 days 1-4-0 his wages 2-8-0"
'77 Henry Sr. Dutch Reformed Church Deacon for first time
'77 Henry appointed Commissioner of Sequestration (1777-1781)
'77 Granduncle Pierre Van Cortlandt, president of Convention which framed the first NY constitution
'77 Brother Gilbert elected to NY Assembly (1777-1778)
'77 Egbert Benson serves as NY Attorney General (1777-1788)
Jan 5 '78 1st and 2nd sessions of NY Congress meet in Poughkeepsie Jan 5, 1778 to Mar 16, 1779
Jan 6 '78 hired men in to do killing of farm animals; wonder if the baby's burn came from the confusion around that activity
Jan 6 '78 "James help me kill near noon Mary all day pd to a load of wood he cut hinmself"
Jan 6 '78 Henry Welles dies of burn
Jan 6 '78 Henry Welles Livingston (MSS 1784) "A gentle spirit now above"
Jan 8 '78 "Mary helped us all day - in all 3 days"
Jan 9 '78 "James Brisben Crd by 1 days work"
Mar 2 '78 "I sold my brown horse to Farbus Ostrom for L55. He paid me L27 down & gave me a note for L28."
Mar 20 '78 "Bought a State lottery ticket of Stephen Hendricksen No 24m030."
Mar 28 '78 "Philip Cooper Dr to Cash for making Thomas Welles Coffin 1-17-0

Davis Hunt Dr to cash for making my sons Coffin 0-16-0"

Mar 18 '78 Henry tries to save Robert Jackson from being turned out of the property he's in, or get him into another one.
May 2 '78 "Zephaniah Platt Jun Cr to Cash in full for my black mare being by Boldair 4-0-0"
May 7 '78 "Gave my black mare & 5 dollars to Nathan Freer for a bay mare"
May 12 '78 "Recd from the County Treasurer L6.6 for 21 days attendance at Genl Committe at 12sh for sending express to Fishkill"
May 14 '78 "Paid of my Father the principle I owed him & took home my bond L205-0-0"
Jun 2 '78 Henry attends meeting as a Commissioner of Sequestration]
Jun 16 '78 Brother Gilbert appointed Surrogate - was Peter Tappen's brother-in-law; Peter was brother-in-law of Governor Clinton.
Jul 1 '78 "Judge Jay Mrs Jay servant & pair horses here 9 days"
Jul 1 '78 "While at Stanford Mrs Welles for 2 bus salt I had of cogswell and some other articles in full 12-0-0 "
Jul 31 '78 Henry Welles II born
Dec 10 '78 John Jay served as President of the 5th Continental Congress until Sep 28, 1779.
Dec 14 '78 Sale by Commissioners of Sequestration.
Dec 16 '78"Doctr Tappen Dr to a hog Wt 132 lb 100 lb of pork I owed him for chair wheels;
do Inoculated my 3 children."
Dec 21 '78 "Daniel Dickson began boarding at 30 sh per week"
Feb 18 '79 "Borrow'd of my Mother 5 lb butter"
Mar 6 '79 Swartwout, Thompson, Livingston - Coroners
Mar 12 '79 "returned my Mother all the butter borrowed"
Apr 29 '79 "Pd Mother 3 lb wool for 24 lb tallow"
Jul 3 '79 "Dr. Tappen Dr. to 7 bushels of wheat in full for innoculating 2 of my children."
Aug 20 '79 "Offered Mr Hake the L10 of interest I owed him which he refus'd accepting dollar for dollar. John Livingston and Mary Welles present."
Sep 18 '79 "From this morning William is to work 3 months for a Rifle."
Sep 20 '79 He traded a mare for a 8 year old sorrel horse
Sep 27 '79 John Jay appointed Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain.
Oct 5 '79 "In the evening Mr Jay came here with his horse"
Oct 6 '79 "Mrs Jay & footman & one other horse"
Oct 25 '79 Deed of Henry Livingston Sr. to Henry Livingston Jr. of a plot of land of 215 acres. Poughkeepsie DS (7115, 7215 incorrect number)
Nov 5 '79 "Sold my horse called Pony to Benjamin Pelton for L40"
Nov 5 '79 "Melanchton Woolsey bought my spanish mare for one thousand dollars payable the 6th of April next with interest at 7 percent"
Jan 17 '80 Commissioner of Sequestration notice
Feb 18 '80 Swartwout, Livingston, Perlee - Coroners
Feb 19 '80 "The Governor fetch'd 500 lbs hay (or is it '79?)"
Apr 18 '80 NYPL: Survey at Sheffer's request
Sep 7 '80 4th to 6th sessions of NY Congress meet in Poughkeepsie Sep 7, 1780 to Jul 25, 1782
Sep 29 '80 Swartwout, Livingston, Perlee - Coroners
'80 The winter was remembered by Henry as "savage in the extreme."
'80 Matthew Patterson builds house in what becomes Patterson NY.
Jun 28 '81Brother Gilbert, Master in Chancery
Jun 28 '81 Sequestration Comissr Isaac Bloom, vice H. Livingston resign
Dec 8 '81 Letter from John Jay in Spain to Egbert Benson asking that Jay's son Peter be boarded with Harry Livingston.
'81 "sold 2 mares, one returned; puppy; plum shoes; mutton"
Nov 8 '82 "Brother John to 28 lbs honey at 9 Last summer my wife made for him."
'82 Guardian to WIlliam Jacock's son, Thomas William Jacock
May 23 '83 NYPL: Survey of land of Freer
Aug 11 '83 "Sent my daughter Catherine to board with Mrs Thorn at Latin town at 6 sh per week and taught at 8 sh the quarter."
Sep 1 '83 Wife Sarah died at her mother's in Stamford CT; Rev. Timothy Dwight gave the funeral sermon
Sep 1 '83 Sarah Welles Livingston (MSS 1784) "BEYOND where billows roll or tempests vex"

After Sarah, Before Jane
Sep 10 '83 "I paid Peter Quintard of Stanford in full for making coffin (2 8)"
Sep 23 '83"Paid Mrs. Ab. Thorn 40 sh in full for boarding & schooling Caty 6 weeks"
Oct 1 '83 "My daughter Catherine began boarding with Maj. John Davenport at Stanford at the rate of 4 sh NYork money a week - I am to pay for her schooling & cloathing."
Oct 17 '83 "Put my Woolsey mare to one W. Woolsey near Latin town to pasture -- paid him for it to his son Richd" at 6 sh per week and taught at 8 sh the quarter."
Nov '83 General Pierre Van Cortlandt enters freed NYC with George Washington
Dec 16 '83"Paid Theodorus Platt 32 Shilles in full for my sorrel mare in the year 1781 being covered by Boldain the season"
'83 Rev. Timothy Dwight becomes pastor of Greenfield Hill in CT (1783-95), where he starts his celebrated academy. Pioneer in the higher education of women.
Jun 1 '84 "Paid sister Mary Davenport in cash for boarding my daughter Catherine (including a guinea I paid her last winter). I also paid for schooling shoes besides."
May 22 '84 "My son Harry began boarding at Mrs. Welles at Stanford at 4 sh per week."
Jul 6 '84 "On the first day of July I left my daughter Cornelia & girl Betsy with W. Cheney at the spring in Hancock at boarding"
Oct 4 '84 Letter from Henry to John R. Livingston (with whom he served in the Montgomery expedition)
Nov 20 '84 Montgomery Tappen (MSS) "The sweetest, gentlest, of the youthful train,"
Dec 20 '84 "This day Thomas W. Jacock gave me in the presence of my brother Gilbert Livingston a full certificate that he was satisfied with my conduct as his late guardian & allowed me L12 for all my trouble on his behalf."
'84 Matthew Patterson elected to NY legislature from Dutchess County (1784-1790) (1792-1793)
'84 John Jay returns from Spain.
Jul 17 '85 "Gave Maj. John Davenport 10 dollars to pay to Mrs. Welles in full for boarding Harry-- I gave him 6 dollars for Mr. Davenport to pay out in necessarys for Caty."
Dec 7 '85 Master Timmy Dwight (MSS, CJPA Feb 14, 1787 R) "Master Timmy brisk and airy"
Dec 29 '85 Henry acting as Justice of the Peace
Jan 9 '87 Valentine's Day (MSS) "WELLCOME, wellcome, happy day,"
Oct 10 '86 NYPL: Survey Egbert Benson purchased from Myndert Van Kleeck.
'86 The Dance (MSS) "When she swims in the dance or wherever she goes"
Jan 9 '87 A tenant of Mrs. Van Kleeck (MSS) "My very good landlady, Mistress Van Kleeck,"
Jan '87 "Mrs. Abigail Wells x to cash L2.9.0
Paid Daniel Seymour of Stamford in full for making clothes for my son Harry"
Feb 6 '87 "Settled with Mrs Welles & took my son home. Her amount for boarding Harry 1 year & 7 weeks was L17"14 & schooling Harry & Caty 47 weeks at 9x per week was L1x in all L19 9 I paid her 14.3.8 Due this day 5.5.4"
Jan 22 '87 Henry serving as Justice of the Peace.
Feb 27 '87 The Acknowlegment (CJPA Anon) "With the ladies' permission, most humbly I'd mention"
Feb 28 '87 "Hired Mary Dollson and her daughter Polly for 1 year for which I am to give her L15 & 2 shifts 1 pair of stockings & 1 pair of shoes, to her daughter She is to find her own bedding of small wheel"
Mar 10 '87 "Assigned over to Peter Tappen Esq. all my right to Elizabeth Warren till she is 18 years of age which will be on the 11th of August 1788. He is to do for her in all things as I should have done, had she stay'd She gave her consent in the presence of Mr. & Mrs. Tappen & their daughter Caty. Indenture papers in NYSA."
May 16 '87 Joanna's entrance into her 33rd year (MSS) "On this thy natal day permit a friend"
May 30 '87 Brother Gilbert joins anti-slavery society.
Jun 2 '87"My Father Henry Livingston Sr. bought a cow of me the 27th ultimo for L7"0"0, towards which to this day he has paid me 12 bushels of wheat at 8 sh in & 8 bushels of corn at 4sh"
Jun 20 '87 Rev. John Henry in town to preach.
Sep 5 '87 Careless Philosopher (MSS, CJPA R) "I Rise when I please, when I please I lie down"
'87 Henry Jr. Dutch Reformed Church Deacon for first time
'87 a private minute-book kept by Gilbert Livingston of Poughkeepsie as Surrogate of Dutchess 1787-1804: NYHS
'87 NYSA has set of surveys by Henry that span the time between 1787 and 1811.
Feb 25 '88 "Sold a 2 year old part sorrel mare to Gilbert R. Livingston for twentyfive pounds which he acknowledged before Samuel Hake Jun to be in full for a note of hand given by himself to the said Gilbert R. Livingston on the 27th of March 17xx for L50 payable within 6 months after the termination of the then war subsisting between American & Britian in any money that might be a legal tender- N.B. I paid him; Part year L25 and have his receipt-- He did not take this xx sold with him as he was on a journey but left her with mexx he could fetch her-- This was at xx"
Jun 9 '88Paid Mrs. Ab. Thorn 40 sh in full for boarding & schooling Caty 6 weeks
Jun 17 '88 Brother Gilbert and first cousin Philip Van Cortlandt become members of the New York Convention, held in Poughkeepsie, that ratified the U.S. Constitution.
Jun 18 '88 "Paid Elisha Sterling 22sh in full for a quarters instruction of my son Harry at Sharon"
Jun 24 '88 Brother Gilbert's speech. Out of entire journal.
Jul 2 '88 Brother Gilbert's speech.
Jul 4 '88 Brother Gilbert's speech.
Jul 23 '88 "Tamar a black woman went away. She has been here 6 weeks lacking 1 1/2 days at xx; Harry was home 10 days"
Jul 26 '88 Brother Gilbert's vote.
Jul 27 '88 "Bought a negro girl named Mercy of xx for 53 (lbs?) Discounted about I had ag him for 22"19"2 (I had xx to make it 23 & gave him a bond for 30 pounds payable with interest a year hence - the same day I sold her to my father for the same sum & took his order for 53 pounds on John Woolley"
Sep 23 '88 "Sold my bay mare of 5 year old to John R. Livingston for L20 Am to keep her till his brother Edward calls for her -- to run at his risk in the mean time"
Oct 25 '88 "Henry acting as Justice of the Peace"
Nov 14 15 '88 "Daniel Jacobs left off keeping school & Harry came home. I gave Mr. Jacobs 3 g xx in full for 2 quarters tuition of my son Harry & for the hire of Plath & Billins rooms & 2/2 for xx.. and took his receipt in full"
Dec xx '88 "Spent 7 days surveying [x] at Rhinehook in making partition of lands and a ferry ..."
Dec xx '88"Spent 2 days with surveying instruments (xx) to attend a partition of land at Redhook."
Mar 10 '89 Procession (MSS; CJPA Anon) "The legislators pass along"
Apr 30 '89 George Washington takes oath of office as first President on the balcony of Federal Hall on NY's Wall Street. The oath was given by Chancellor Robert R. Livingston, Jr..
Dec 24 '89 Letter from Egbert Benson regarding Henry's plea at the Suit of Van Der Burgh
'89 Stephen Van Rensselaer elected NY congressman as a Federalist.
'84 John Jay returns from Spain appointed first Chief Justice of US Supreme Court (1789-1795).
Jun 26 '90 Anticipation (MSS, PJ Jun 26 '90 R) "WHEREAS in a country like our own,"
Sep 15 '90 Enormous Bones (PJ R) "BETWEEN thirty and forty years ago at a salt-lick"
'90 "Brother Beekman received two three-year old bulls to settle their accounts in full"
'90 Epithalamium (MSS, NYMLR Feb '91) "'TWAS summer, when softly the zephyrs were blowing,"
'90 In the 1790 Census, Henry is shown having one black slave and no free blacks in his household.
Feb 8 '91 The Vine & Oak, A Fable (MSS, NYMLR Feb '91 Banks of the Hudson) "A vine from noblest lineage sprung"
Feb '91 Hiding-Place (WkMu R) "Hail sov'reign love that first began,"
Apr 5 '91 Henry Jr. gives notice that he plans to file for land available from the state.
May 5 '91 NYSA has last will and testement of Henry Sr. Not proved because Henry Sr. blind.
Jun '91 Of the Honey-Dew (NYMLR R) "IF all the phenomena of nature were faithfully registered,"
Dec '91 Maelstroom (NYMLR R) "NATURE has no where assumed a more terrific form"
'91 Brother-in-law Jonas Platt begins his 9 year career as Clerk of Herkimer, and then Oneida Counties.
Feb 3 '92 NYPL: Survey for Law. Van Kleeck land, Gilbert Livingston present
Feb 22 '92 NYPL: Statement of Cornelia Billings, signed before Smith Thompson and Gilbert Livingston, delivered in the presence of Smith Thompson and James Kent; Survey map with lots of little houses, showing land conveyed from Andrew Billings to Henry Livingston
Mar 3 '92 NYPL: Andrew Billings appeared before Gilbert Livingston, as recorded by R.H. Livingston, Clerk
Mar '92 Memoirs of a Pine Tree (NYMLR R) "I arose from the cone of my parent pine"
'92Assessor; Commissioner of Bankruptcy
'92 John Jay runs for Governor of New York, but is cheated of victory by games played in the counting of ballots from 3 counties.
Feb '93 Journal of an Asiatic Expedition (NYMLR Feb '93 R) "TIS NOT long since happened to purchase"
May 22 '93 Mother dies.
'93Map of land under water.

Married to Jane
Sep 1 '93 Henry and Jane Patterson marry
'93 Matthew Patterson leads assessment planning
'93 Gilbert Livingston and Matthew Patterson support the same political candidate.
Apr 9 '94 NYPL: Survey of land sold by Thom & Elsie Sandus to Sarah Gravareth in 1712 (mentions survey Jun 8, '04)
Apr 28 '94 Cornelia dies
May 18 '94 Charles born
Jul 19 '94 Apostrophe (MSS; NYMLR Anon) "FROM morn to eve from eve to rosy morn,"
Dec 8 '94 NYPL: Survey of land of Evert E. Pills sold to Gunn & others (hemlock marked Mar 29 '05)
Apr 10 '95 Niece Sarah marries new lawyer Smith Thompson.
Oct 4 '95 Examination of local jail, signed by Henry as Justice of the Peace
'95 Rev. Timothy Dwight becomes president of Yale and Livingston professor of divinity (1795-1817).
Oct 4 '96 Sidney born
'96 Brother-in-law Jonas Platt elected to New York State Assembly.
11 ? '97 NYPL: Survey of land shows A. Billing's house
Oct 4 '96 Edwin born
'96 Son-in-law Arthur elected to New York State Assembly.
Apr 17 '98 Supports John Jay and Van Rensselaer
Apr 19 '98 Supports John Jay and Van Rensselaer; first signature in list
Apr 24 '98 Defends David Brooks
Sep 18 '98 Acrostic - Eliza Hughes (PJ R) "E v'ry grace in her combine,"
'98 NYSA has documents relative to Henry being principal assessor from 1798-1799 in 2nd district, 4th division, towns of Poughkeepsie, Fishkill and Beekman.
Mar 4 '99 Brother-in-law Jonas Platt takes seat as U.S. Congressman as a Federalist.
Feb 20 '99 NYPL: Survey of farm of Col. John Freer.
Mar 25 '99 Father's property is put up for sale; ad in NYHS in Henry's hand.
Apr 17 '99 Henry as Principal Assessor.
Jun 4 '99 News report of a drowning near Henry's house.
Dec 31 '99 Henry Sr. dies on same day of year as Rev. Welles]
'99 Paul Schenck Dutch Reformed Church Deacon
'99 Notice in paper identifying Henry as Principal Assessor
'99 Poughkeepsie incorporated, Henry makes map
'99 Jonas Platt elected to the Sixth Congress (Mar 4 '99 - Mar 3 '01) as a Federalist.
Apr 8 '00 Ad supporting David Brooks.
Dec 23 '00 NYPL: Survey land of Van Kleeck belonging to the Devis's.
Dec '00 Arbitration settled Henry's share of father's estate.
'00 NYHS has photostat of ad for father's property in Henry's handwriting
'00 Brother Gilbert becomes an elector, casting his vote for Thomas Jefferson.
'00 In the 1800 Census, Henry is shown having one free black person in his household, and no black slaves.
Feb 2 '02 H. Livingston a commissioner in bankruptcy with Van Ness & Radcliff in PJ
May 2 '02 Henry writes with affection to Henry Welles from the Highlands, where he will be working on a surveying job for another 2 weeks. Expects James to start plowing this week.
Nov 19 '02 Helen born
'02 Niece Sarah's husband, Smith Thompson, is named to New York Supreme Court. (1802-1814 associate justice; 1814-1818 chief justice)
Apr 7 '03 NYSA: "At request of John Crooke I met Jacob Smith Esq to entertain the line between water..."
May 30 '03 Survey of the land Henry Livingston bought of Andrew Billings, part of the farm of the late James Livingston
'03 NYSA has field book Philipse Manor Lot Number 2.
Mar 17 '05 Eliza born
Feb '13 '06 NYPL: Survey of land sold by John Drake Jun to Dr. John Pinckney.
Sep 14 '06 Brother Gilbert dies
'74 Pail Schenck Dutch Reformed Church Elder for first time
Apr 23 '05 Susan born
Oct 27 '07 NYSA: Survey of a farm lying in Lot N. 5 of the Nine partners
Apr 15 '08 NYPL: Survey of land given by the sheriff to V. Baker
Aug 20 '08 Catharine Livingston Breese dies in Utica
Aug 20 '08 Catharine Livingston Breese (Pub) "Her little bark on Life's wide Ocean tossed,"
Oct '08 NYPL: Survey of land from Crooke estate
Jun 13 '09 NYPL: Survey of land sold by Wm Davies to Rt Williams
Jul 15 '09 Catharine Breese Livingston born
'09 Turnpike gift and later supervisor of pike; Turnpike release dated 1809 H.L. to Highland Turnpike Co gives 66 feet strip of land for one dollar extending whole east side of HL farm of 250 acres and by it the road was shifted toward the east of Richard James house and barn. Copy of release in NYPL Extracted May 26, 1920 Sunday Courier 1894 said that the old "King's Highway ran 20 rods west of the present post road."
Feb 14 '10 Sister Cornelia dies
Jul 7 '10NYSA: Astor surveying
Aug 1 '10 NYSA has Henry's correspondence with Astor regarding lots 3, 5, and 9.
'10 NYSA has field book Philipse Manor Lot Number 3, 5 and 9.
Feb 14 '10 Brother-in-law Jonas Platt runs for NY Governor.
March 30 '11 Letter to Manor in Albany about Mrs Thorn's reputation."
May 7 '11NYSA: "surveyed the 7y0 acres of land sold by Richard Whitley & xx to Uriah Smith"
'11 NYSA has set of surveys by Henry that span the time between 1787 and 1811.
Mar 26 '12 NYPL: Survey of land sold by Matthew Paterson to Peter Brill Junr and Wm Vincent.
Sep 9 '13 Letter from Henry Welles Livingston from Albany. He's taking 16 year old Elizabeth Breese, his niece, to spend at least a winter with her Aunt Abigail Breese Salisbury in Boston.
Oct 26 '13 Henry Welles Livingston dies at Hartford CT
Feb 14 '14 Reply from Arthur Breese to Henry's letter regarding financial affairs, and inventory of Henry Welles' things. Doesn't sound well organized.
Apr 15 '14 Advertisement for the sale of Henry Livingston's property. Location sounds like Henry Jr., so might be property he deeded to his son, Henry Welles.
Jul 21 '14 Letter from Arthur Breese to Henry. Don't send Sidney to Union College but to Hamilton's. Having some trouble settling Harry's debts. Sam is on Lake Champlain. Sally seems to be doing something with J. Platt in Albany.
Sep 13 '14 Catharine Breese Livingston dies
Sep 13 '14 Catharine Breese Livingston (Tombstone) "I fondly nursed an opening rose,"
Sep 23 '14 Sarah Breese's letter to Henry about Catharine's death. She loved Henry Welles deeply.
'14 Brother-in-law Jonas Platt put on NY Supreme Court. (1814-1821)
Aug 30 '15 Arthur Breese's letter to Henry.
'15 Sarah Breese marries Barent Bleecker Lansing, the one-time partner of James Platt, the brother of Jonas Platt.
Apr 3 '16 Address to electors of State of NY by about 100 - Henry Livingston among them
Dec 1 '17 Letter from Jos Howland regarding Henry's offer to superintend road.
Sep 13 '17 Surveyed land for the West Pt foundry for G. Kemble Co.
Dec 1 '17 Henry wrote his last will
May 3 '18 Surveyed for Abraham Mesier
'18 Niece Sarah's husband, Smith Thompson, becomes Secretary of the Navy under President Munroe. (1818-1823)
Jan 1 '19 Carrier's Address (PJ Parsons) "TIME, with his pinions broad and strong"
"Believe me, dear patrons, I have wand'red too far,"
Jan 27 '20 Letter from Henry to Sidney Breese, who has moved to Illinois with Elisa Kent Kane.
Sidney lives at home; Edwin boards with Judge Brooks and studies law with Mr. Streets
May '19 Henry writes to surveyor general Ogden Hoffman offering to conduct the surveys
Jun 13 '19 Letter from Henry to Sidney. Brother Sam is on the Hornet, which took Forsyth to the Court of Madrid; sister Catharine will be visiting soon; their father wrote to Charles encouraging him to join Sidney and Kane in Illinois. Henry is also in favor of this.
Jul '19 Ogden Hoffman replies to Henry; and Henry replies to him, obviously getting the job
Jul 30 '19 Charles reached Pittsburg after 10 days of travel in a stagecoach; wrote home
Jun 13 '19 Daughters are all away from home visiting in Hudson.
Aug 20 '19 Letter from Henry to Sidney. Doesn't know Kane except by reputation. Spent a fortnight in the Highlands on surveying business, and plans to leave in a few days for Albany and maybe the Highlands again.
Aug 23 '19 NYSA: "Paid Isaac Doughty for 2 sheets of drawing paper on which to make a map of Lot No. 3 claimed by J.J. Astor -- 38 cents

"A law was passed in 1805 or 1806 offering 1/4 of the value of any vacant forfeited land to the discoverer of such vacancies. In 1807 at the desire of John Paterson Esq I found two such parcels; 1 on the xx so called & the other in Lot Nol. 7 of Bev. Robinson."

Sep 1 '19 NYSA: The Surveyor general paid me $500
Sep 2 '19 NYSA: "On the 2nd of Sept 1819 the surveyor General told me that very little had been done in this business."
Sep 6 '19 NYSA: "I paid James Dodge $73.25 & Saml M Thurston $67.37 in all for 13 days service at 30 ? a day to each of the surveyors & 12 days service of each of the 6 assistants

"To these sums added $142.62 put the sum I paid them the 12 & 14th Aug 32.009

"In all $172.62 which completed the survey of lot No 3"

Sep 15 '19 NYSA: Surveys taken by James Dodge in Lot No. 5 of the land claimed by John Jacob Astor, -- called the Long lot, under the direction of Henry Livingston Esq. (this is a 178 page book of survey information)
Mar '20 Daughter Jane visited Paterson.
Jan 27 '20 Letter from Henry to Sidney. All lawyers should know surveying.
Mar 22 '20 Chairs meeting in support of DeWitt Clinton for Governor
Mar '20 Ltr from Henry to Arthur Breese about stocks; Breese replies Apr 19 with accounting
Jul 2 '20 Letter from Henry to Sidney. Sister Catharine's marriage to Samuel Griswold was announced in the New York Spectator. The winter of 1820 was thought by Henry to be similar to the savage winter of 1780. "The Missouri slave question agitates every body here. Happy Illinois! Thine is exclusively the land of the FREE."

Addendum to the above letter by daughter Jane. Remembers Christmas that Sidney spent with them some years back.

Aug 13 '20 Political meeting presided over by Judge HL
May 15 '21 Letter from Sidney replying to one of Henry's. Bricks, Indian execution
Oct 5 '21 Letter from Barent Bleecker replying to one of Henry's re financial matters.
Oct 24 '21 Saw Lt. Sam Griswold and Henry's granddaughter at the Platt's
Nov 27 '21 Letter from Henry to Wm Kimble saying that he caught cold, but doesn't think he needs to borrow money.
'21 Rhyming letter of Edwin's
'21 Brother-in-law Jonas Platt served as a member of the New York Constitutional Convention.
Jan 23 '22 Letter from Sidney Breese to "aunt" Helen, replying to hers. Charles needs a wife and is fascinated by what Helen said about a certain Pokeepsie lady. Helen, Edwin and Henry have been touring around Utica and Whitesboro and Hamilton College in Clinton NY, where Arthur Breese suggested Sidney should be sent to study law.
Mar 29 '22 Henry chairs meeting supporting DeWitt Clinton.
Jun 13 '22 Arthur Breese's reply to Henry's letter of 10th re land transaction. Henry's family is well; Arthur's garden has caterpillars.
Jul 23 '23 Letter from Edwin in Illinois, where he is acting as a lawyer.
Sep 14 '23 Letter from Jane to brother Edwin in Utica? FILLED with gossip about who is visiting where. Sidney and Robert both in love with Joanna. Charles is coming home this winter.
Oct 8 '23 Erie Canal officially open. Initial idea came from brother-in-law Jonas Platt
'23 Niece Sarah's husband, Smith Thompson, is named to U.S. Supreme Court as way to keep him from running for President in 1824. (1823-1843)
Aug 13 '25 Arthur Breese dies
Sep '25 Letter from Sarah Breese replying to one of Henry's after the death of her father, Arthur Breese. Will visit for 3 days in fall. "Uncle" Charles visited her recently.
Apr 12 '14 News story about sheep trouble.
Aug 25 '26 Letter from Henry to Charles. Balthus Freer is interested in land speculation in Ohio, where Charles now is. Had five day visit from Susan Breese and Jacob Stout, Jr. Peter Tiebou hired in for a year ending May. Edwin needs job!
'26 Son Sidney Dutch Reformed Church Deacon
Feb 19 '27 The Crane & Fox - a fable (MSS) "In long gone years a fox and crane"
May 25 '27 Letter from Henry to Charles. That Pokeepsie girl had a baby Eliza! Peter works for us till July, and is out with the local ladies most evenings. More fatalistic about Edwin being unemployed.
Sep 3 '27 Letter from Henry to Charles. Eliza's elderly relative died. Henry would be willing to sell his farm and move to Ohio to be with Charles.
Nov '27 Henry testifies in front of Judge Smith Thompson regarding Astor's land claims.
Dec 21 '27 Letter from Henry to Charles. Testified for 20 days in NYC. Caught cold.
Feb 29 '28 Henry dies
'28 Aunt Gertie says (heard her mother say) H.L. had a dream that he was walking in the garden and that a hoe fell fromm Heaven He pickt up the hoe & saw within it these words "If Henry Livingston will use this hoe diligently he shall live to be 79 years old." He did.

Looks like 12 pennies to a shilling


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