Jeanne Denig's Testimonial
A Mouse in Henry Livingston's House

In 1920 Jeanne Livingston Hubbard Denig wrote to her cousin William Sturges Thomas. That meant a fourth line of Henry's descendants, those of Henry's son Charles, had added their voices to the family protests.
Henry + Jane
    Charles (b:1794) + Eliza Clement Brewer (b:1798)
        Jane Patterson Livingston (b:1829) + Lester Samuel Hubbard
            Jeanne Livingston Hubbard (b:1856) + Commodore Robert Gracey Denig
Henry + Jane
    Jane (b:1800) + Reverend William Barber Thomas
        Henry Livingston Thomas (b:1835)
            William Sturges Thomas (b:1871)

Based on the memories of son Charles and daughter-in-law Eliza, and son Sidney, Don Foster puts the date that Henry wrote the poem to around 1807, sixteen years before it ever saw the light of day in the Troy Sentinel paper of 1823.

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Ch11: Politics,   Ch12: Religion,   Ch13: Work,   Ch14: Myths,   Ch15: Happy Xmas,   Epilog


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