Answer the question on each line of the poem. Like a child's game of Hangman, the first letter of the answer will form the name. Think where vowels and consonants might and might not appear in a name. When you've filled in all the answers, we'll show you how you did. Change an answer and we'll show you again.

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Henry Livingston, Jr.

Take the name of the swain a forlorn witless elf
Who was chang'd to a flow'r for admiring himself.

A part deem'd essential in each lady's dress:

With what maidens cry, when they wish to say yes.

A lullabye carriage soft, cozy & light:

With the name of the poet who sang on the night.

The queen of Cairo, all lovely and winning
Whose blandishments ever kept Antony grinning.

The flow'r whose odours unremittingly please:

With the glory of forests, the king of the trees.

To the prince of the fairies, a jealous old knave,

Put the name of the tree that undid mother Eve.

To finish the whole add that period of day,
When the linnet & thrush to repose hie away

The initials of these, if adjusted with care,
Will show you the fairest where thousands are fair.
The sweet, pretty graces still hover about her,
And Cupid would die with vexation without her



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