Answer the question on each line of the poem. Like a child's game of Hangman, the first letter of the answer will form the name. Think where vowels and consonants might and might not appear in a name. When you've filled in all the answers, we'll show you how you did. Change an answer and we'll show you again.

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Henry Livingston, Jr.

Take the name of a town long fabled for movies

With the character known for his 70's groovies

An elastic material that helps balls bounce higher

With the color of flames when they burn with fierce fire

What the guard wants to see when we enter the building

And the person whose rep has no need of false gilding

Take the place where poor Dorothy and Toto descended

With the time when our work is 8 hours suspended.

To the dream of ambition for folks to admire us

Add the animal that most likes to mimic and laugh at us

A noisemaker famous for babies to shake

With the animal with us we're likely to take.

The initials of these, if you stare at them long,
Will bring you an actor not known for his song.
His features have long made hearts beat somewhat faster,
When watching the craft of which he is the master.



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