Answer the question on each line of the poem. Like a child's game of Hangman, the first letter of the answer will form the name. Think where vowels and consonants might and might not appear in a name. When you've filled in all the answers, we'll show you how you did. Change an answer and we'll show you again.

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Henry Livingston, Jr.

To the light in the sky when the night fades the day

Add the name of the candy that leads to decay

A fruit that keeps doctors and illness away

And the weather that puts all our plans to delay.

The furniture around which we all sit to eat

With the name of a grain that grows often with wheat

To this add what warms us when goes summer's heat

And the creature whose leaps just repeat and repeat.

The first letters of these should come to your mind
With a show that brought passion to millions combined.
Our hopes were of worlds where explorers would find
A future whose wisdom could uplift mankind.



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