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Death of General Woolsey

General Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey
(08 May 1758, Long Island NY)
(29 Jun 1819, Trenton NY)
(son of Colonel Melancthon Taylor Woolsey and Rebecca Lloyd)
+ Alida Livingston
(05 May 1768, Poughkeepsie NY)
(12 Jul 1843, Oswego NY)
(daughter of Henry Livingston, Sr. and Susannah Conklin)

    Commodore Melancthon Taylor Woolsey[married Susan Cornelia Tredwell]
    Henry Livingston Woolsey[married Eunice Hubbell]
    Susan Catherine Woolsey[married Samuel O. Auchmuty and James Platt]
    Mary Elizabeth Woolsey[married Wolcott Hubbell, Jr.]
    James Lloyd Woolsey[married Roxalana Ackerman]
    Cornelia Woolsey[married Harvey DeWolf]
    Rebecca Nelson Woolsey[married John Borland]
    Catharine Amelia Woolsey[died aged 18]
    Charles Edward Woolsey[died aged 3 weeks]

Alida Livingston and General Melanchton Lloyd Woolsey
Alida was the baby daughter of Henry Livingston, Sr. and Susannah Conklin, her oldest brother Gilbert being sixteen years old when she was born. The only sibling Alida had who died in childhood was her next older sister Catharine, who died aged seven, when Alida was four. She must have been a cherished child after that family loss.

When Alida was sixteen, her brother Henry married Sarah Welles, the granddaughter of Reverend Benjamin Woolsey of Long Island. Henry went to war under Colonel James Clinton. Four years later, with the Revolutionary War still ongoing, Alida married Sarah's first cousin, Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey, an army officer and military aide to James Clinton's brother, New York Governor George Clinton. Woolsey retained his political connections after the war, being named a Major General of the New York State Militia by Clinton, and Collector of U.S. Customs by Alexander Hamilton.

Of Alida and Melancthon's family, only two died - Charles and Catharine. Charles, the last of the brood, was born when Alida was 31, and died soon after his birth. By this time, Alida had already born 8 other children. In 1815, at the age of 18, their youngest living child, Catharine, died. Four years later, Catharine's father followed.

Alida chose not to remarry. In 1831, at the age of 63, Alida moved in with her daughter Susan and Susan's husband, James Platt, staying with the Platts until her death in 1843.

Henry Livingston Day Book
Jul 12 '77
"My brother-in-law Melancthon Welles came here according to agreement with Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey. I am to school and maintain him till he is grown up at his charge."

Nov 5 '79
"Melanchton Woolsey bought my spanish mare for one thousand dollars payable the 6th of April next with interest at 7 percent"

General Woolsey was, most likely, the young boy's godfather, and took on the care of the boy after the death of Rev. Welles, six months previous.

10,000 vital records of Central New York
Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey, 67, of Plattsburgh (a Rev. officer) d 6/28/19 in Trenton NY while on a visit to his son, Commodore Woolsey of Sacketts Harbor (surv by wf nd 7 ch) (8-7/21) 8 - Oxford Gazett

The New York Historical Society
Oil wood panel painting; 26 3/8 x 20 1/4 inches of Alida Livingston Woolsey painted by Abraham G.D. Tuthill, ca. 1820. Bequest of Melancthon Woolsey Campau, her great-great-grandson, 1954. Source of information: "The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy".

Livingston Descendants, Kinkead
During the Revolution, Melancthon T. Woolsey was an aide to Gov. George Clinton, but after the war was made a Major General of the N.Y. State Militia. In 1787, he moved to Plattsburg where he was Collector of U.S. Customs for many years. He died on his way to Sacketts Harbor from his home in Plattsburg NY, and was buried in the Old Barnveld Cemetery in Trenton N.Y. on the main highway from Utica.

Letterpress Edition of the Papers of George Washington
Woolsey, Alida Livingston 8:503
Woolsey, Melancthon Lloyd 8:503-4

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Letter in Harvard Library
Temple, Nelson, Lloyd, Vassall, and Borland family papers
Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
Series: V. Correspondence of Senator James Lloyd
(388) Woolsey, Melancthon Lloyd. 1758-1819. A.L.s. to James Lloyd; Cumberland Head, 3 Feb 1818. 1s.(4p.) Contains notes on Lady Hester Temple.

Abridged Compedium of American Genealogy
Burial: NY - Old Barnveld Cemetery, Trenton Military: NY - Major General NY State Militia Military service: New York troops in French and Indian War Occupation: 1787, NY - Collector of US Customs Residence 2: 1787, NY - Plattsburg

Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary Pension Files, Vol III, p3958
BLW #2326-200-6 Mar 1792
Woolsey, Melancthon Lloyd, Cont & NY Lines, Alida, W18379, (BLW issued as having srv in the MA Troops, no papers) sol m Alida Livingston 3 Mar 1779 at Poughkeepsie NY & they had a son born there named Melancthon Taylor Woolsey b 5 Jun 1780, sol appl 26 Jun 1818 at Plattsburg in Clinton Co NY aged 60, sol d 29 Jun 1819, a daughter Susan K. Platt made aff'dt 17 Aug 1839 in Oswego Co NY aged 51, sol's wid appl 15 Sep 1838 at Oswego in Oswego Co NY aged 80, a James Platt of Oswego NY made aff'dt 15 Sep 1838 & stated sol's wid had lived in his family for 7 years

Death of General Woolsey
10,000 vital records of Central New York
Melancthon Lloyd Woolsey, 67, of Plattsburgh (a Rev. officer) d 6/28/19 in Trenton NY while on a visit to his son, Commodore Woolsey of Sacketts Harbor (surv by wf nd 7 ch) (8-7/21) 8 - Oxford Gazett

Woolsey, Melancthon L. Gen. Death. At Trenton Oneida Co. Of Plattsburgh on June 28; 61y 1 m 20d. Dad of Com. Woolsey of Sacketts Harbor. Rev. War vet. Obit. CV 7-13-19 p.2 c.4


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