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My dear Cousin,

In fulfillment of my promise of last evening, I am enclosing a short account of the little incident of the copy of verses given to the governess of Mr. Moore's children. I hope it may be of some use to you in your research concerning the poem.

I enclose also a few inches of Catherine Livingston's wedding gown and a letter from her husband, Arthur Breese, to his father in law on the occasion of the death of his son. You said, I think, that you wanted the date of death of the eldest son of Henry Livingston. I don't know if this was his eldest son, but you may have data that will show. The date of the letter is not easy to make out - it looks to me like 1814 or do you make the second numeral a 7?

On glancing at the envelope I see that it is 1814. A reference in the letter would corroborate this I think. Mr. Breese sends messages from "Mrs B. my mother" (or my brother) & Sally Nan." None of Arthur Breese's daughters had the name of Ann except his daughter by his second marriage, Sarah Ann. Could this be her nickname? Earlier in the letter he says that "Mrs. B. Betsey and Catherine are convinced of the folly of their former life." These may mean two of his daughters by the first marriage to Catherine Livingston: (Elizabeth, later Mrs Sands, and my grandmother Catherine Griswold.)

My son could not come here today, but I hope to see him tomorrow, or at latest Monday, when I will ask him about the portfolios.

In rummaging for the verses on Springtime (which I have not yet found, however) I came across some letters from my uncle Morse to my father, about 1849, and some of 1863. One, written in the eve of the battle of Gettysburg seems curiously up to date.

Would you care to read them, and would you find any interest in a "Statement of title to Dominick's Hook" which, apparently, seems vested in one Samuel Bayard - a little matter of 60 acres in the heart of the City? It is also in Prof. Morse's handwriting dated 1833.

I don't want to bore you with what my daughters call my old junk, but I really think they are quite interesting.

With kindest regards, I am

Yours sincerely
Mary Montgomery

March 3d 17

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