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11942JTLWST y Believes Henry wrote poem; giving heirlooms to WST.
21945JTLWStT y Henry wrote anapestic jingles; family didn't confront Moore because they were loyal to the church.

Julia Thompson Livingston, of Babylon LI claim - Oct 22, 1942 - 2nd hand

106 West Main Street
Babylon, New York
October 22, 1942

William S. Thomas,
Dear Cousin:-

It seems a long while since we have heard from you, and I was disappointed when you last wrote that you could not come out here at that time. I am writing now particularly to offer you the few relics that have come down to us from our gt. grandfather, Henry Livingston. Our Long Island shores are not over safe from attack by the enemy, though the people are not unduly alarmed. However, I should like you to accept the old books, (which I mentioned in a previous letter), an old letter from a Mrs. Griswold, relative to the charming little verses our gt. grandfather wrote, together with an unsigned publication of the same. A;so a small brass writing box, (once overlaid with gold, but somewhat worn off) that I understood was his (Major Henry Livingston). On that expedition into Canada did he carry in his saddlebag this writing case with its tiny cut-glass ink wells!! I have many heirlooms from my mother's family, and these from the Livingston side I should like to leave you. Accept for your archives. I shall await your reply and forward the articles referred to by Parcels Post in the event that you care to have them.

Kind regards from us both to you and yours

Julia T. Livingston

Julia T. Livingston, of Babylon LI claim - Jan 2, 1945 - 2nd hand
106 West Main st.
Babylon, N.Y.
Jan. 2, 1945

Dear Cousin:-

Your letter was received and it is interesting that there is a renewal of the Livingston-Moore controversy about the Christmas verses. Your father searched for evidence and my father, too, was deeply concerned that the Livingston claim might be brought to light.

I venture to say that when our ancestor wrote those charming little verses, he thought but little further about them. It was to entertain his children. There were seven of them, as you know. He was accustomed to writing letters and jingles in the same anapestic measure. Curious, is it not, that the fame of a great theologian should rest upon a few rhymes that he probably did not write. It seems strange, too, that when the lines first appeared in print over Clement Moore's name, the children of Major Henry Livingston did not enter a protest. It has been said, however, that they felt sensitive about disputing any claim made by Mr. Moore. He was in the Episcopate(?). They were all loyal to the Church.

My father's cousin, Gertrude Thomas, wrote very pretty little verses. I think I sent them to you in the packet.

I am returning your clippings as you may wish to pass them on to others.

Also, you will find enclosed a letter to my father from your grandfather. He wrote interestingly. Keep it in your archives, if you wish, and if I care to see it again will ask for it. My father was named "Henry" after the Major.

One afternoon, of late, as I was waiting for my train in Brooklyn Station, a number of boys, off duty from the Navy, were rollicking around having fun among themselves. On the train coming home, I thought out the following:-


Five jolly tars, they catch the eyes
Of all the girls in town.
They've sailed the seven seas, they have,
They've seen the world around.

Five jolly tars are we, hooray,
We sail the briny deep,
Where white-cap WAVEs are reck'ning us
A tryst with SpARS to keep.

This is to amuse you in a leisure moment.

Brother joins me in wish a New Year of health and happiness to you and yours.

Julia T. Livingston

Lt. Stephen Thomas U.S.N.R.
55 Livingston Ave.
Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.

Family Connections
Henry Livingston, Jr. (1748-1828) + Jane McLean Patterson (1769-1838)
Sidney Montgomery Livingston (1796-1856) + Joannah Maria Holthuysen (1804-1862)
Julia Thompson Livingston (1864-)

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