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October 5th, 1920

Dear Cousin Will-

I was much pleased to hear from you. And wish I could help you to find letters, or any writings, of grandfather Livingston. But I have nothing, and do not know who has.

Mother had a blank book in which grandfather had written a number of his poems. And oh how often I have wished for it. But it was burned when our house burned in 1869. I have an old book that belonged to Grandfather, and his name is written in it. I don't think the book is of much account, but if you would like it, I will send it to you.

I would be delighted to have a copy of the article you have written for the Historical Society of Dutchess Co.

You certainly have found wonderful records of grandfather. And I am proud and happy to know you have found so much. I know he was a gifted man. Mother has said, he often used to help men who had fourth of July addresses to make, or some kind of an address. And he would write it for them. And they commit it to memory.

I hope your family are all well. I hear of you now and then, through Margurite and Guy Livingston. But wish I knew you better, and could see your family.

Affectionately, your Cousin
Jeanie L. gurney

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