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Jeannie Denig

Sandusky - January 3rd 1921

Dear Cousin Will:

I am sending you the Paterson letter, so you may read and make a copy if you like.

The impression of the Arms Robbie has. Last year a Mr. Patterson in New Jersey invited him to spend a night in his house to [xx] over the Paterson-Livingston relationship. It was then I sent Robbie the wax impression. At that time he was making many war talks & speeches, and in that way he was brought to this Mr. Patterson's notice.

I am glad to tell you that my dear son is said to be doing satisfactorily. He has been ill since the middle of November. Just after you saw him.

My doctor still keeps me here. He was a Bellevue doctor and in Vichy & Paris during the war so I think he knows what to do. Rheumatism is a pest - isn't it? I am up & dressed now, but told to sit still or lie down.

Happy New Year, and may it be a well year for you & yours, & for everybody.

Thank you for your pleasant remembrance Christmas.

Affectionately your cousin,

Jeannie L. H. Denig

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