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Dear Cousin Will;

Robert C. Benchley's criticisms amuse me. He has seized the very points I should expect him to. You know it is possible to ridicule anything and everything - [xx]

The "Bookman" wrapper reached me, but the magazine had escaped its cover. I sent at once for a copy & the book dealer will send it to me when it arrives. Many thanks to you just the same. I think the wrapper became loose, but imagine delivering to me the poor little fluttering husk of the big ear of sweet corn I was so eager to feast upon!

I am writing badly because I am in bed with rheumatism.

My dear son is ill in the Naval Hospital at Portsmouth with typhoid fever. He was ill the day he called to see you in New York. Commodore has gone to him. I am not ill but my doctor insists on my being warm & quiet for a few days longer. As soon as I can I am going to see Robbie.

I don't see why Commodore couldn't get a better, or rather a clearer, picture of the chessmen & the decanter. The light has not been favorable. I will send you several, so you can give them to any one interested.

The doctor thinks Robbie got the germs in Washington, but they do not know. I am sure he is having good care. He is in the third week of typhoid.

Affectionately your cousin
Jeannie L.H. Denig

Dec 13th 1920 & my mother's birthday. She would be ninety one today.

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