Witness Letters
WS Thomas



Tuesday afternoon
(May 20, 1920)
Cambridge, Mass.

Dearest Will-

Since your letter came yesterday I have felt very sorrowful because it showed me that I had made you feel that Howard and I or at least- I had gone back on you, which is far from the case. Howard has been looking at the matter of the authorship from the point of view of the casual readerand felt that the weight of the rest, the article might well be impaired by what would seem to such a reader a gratuitous aspersion cast upon the truthfulness of Mr. Moore. We neither of us considered enough, I think, the side your letter brings out so clearly- that of the possible new facts that might come to light through opening the discussion. Of course the family is unanimous in the matter of this tradition- for me it is bred in the bone and we should all rejoice to feel that we could opening claim for one of our own that classic and delightful bit of imagery. I think it possible that you may see Guy Livingston in New York next week & he might be able to get for you further information about the desk. Marion Hubbard, who owns it, now lives in New York, you know & he will doubtless see her.

You know we are solidly behind you in everything you do, and as for the knocks incident to the discussion, they do not seem at all terrifying. It was rather a hesitation to seem to attack a respected name that prompted my words.

Laney B. has had the whooping cough vaccine and is greatly eased. He & Miss Murfitt and John are going to the Rockport house next week for a little while.

I am writing with pencil because I am coaxing away bronchitis by staying in bed.

All at the other house are well & things bid fair to smooth our famously for our plans. Howard is in N.J. & we hope to see him tomorrow or Sat.

It was a good visit, dear Will, wasn't it and we really are closer together instead of further apart.

Dear love to you all & the hope that our Emmie comes back somewhat rested.

Pat my Catrina & my Stevie for me-



I didn't mention the flutist - give him a red hot 73.

SOURCE: New York Historical Society, WS Thomas Papers


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