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61 Sparks St
Oct 13th 1920

H.L.T. told me that little incident himself. He was teaching at Mr. Churchhill's school Singsing. One day The night Before Christmas was spoken of, and Henry said "My Grandfather wrote that" No said a boy - My Grandfather did." No My Grandfather did. No mine did and so it went back and forth - amounting to nothing but each one sure that he was right. This boy was a grandson of Clement C. Moore. I was the culprit who told you the little story.

We are back in Cambridge. Helen too is at home. We are all well. Little john is improving very fast is up and playing around. I wish he could have done so when Catherine and Stephen were in Rockport with us. I can't tell you Will how greatly we enjoyed their visit - and could hardly bear to let them go with Howard when he was ready. They certainly are darlings and we love them dearly.

How fine! that there is to be an article on "Who Wrote 'The Night Before Christmas." Thanks to the Bookman Editor! We certainly must see the Christmas number of that Magazine. That is really something to look forward to!

Love and best wishes for the New Year on which you have just entered - tho you must be mistaken in thinking that you are 49 but Time does fly!! Thank you so much dear for all Grandfather's magazine articles which you sent to me. You have been a faithful great grandson!

Have you seen the notice of the death of C.N. Williamson xx's husband. He died Oct 4th. As yet we have no particulars only a few words by Cable. I am more than sorry for Allie for this is a heart break for her. Goodbye beloved - lots of love to the other Angel and the darling children.

from Your own
Aunt G.

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