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March 30th (17

Dearest Will

Thank you so much for sending me your interesting papers of xx I won't after all who - or which - was the Anthony? We could be proud indeed to have it settled in our favor and if Cousin Jeannie's brother Charles had the manuscript and had carefully preserved it - that would have been the needed proof positive. But Clement C. makes a very positive claim to it

So --... Well what do you think I have found and am going to send you? The "Small book" of poetry which Aunt Sue thought was burned up in their first fire! And in that is Nancy Crooke. Of course in G. Father's own handwriting. The poems are mostly Rebuses which I suppose were greatly in fashion about the 1780s.

How this book of Aunt Sue's came here I do not know but you see I was correct in feeling sure that I had seen the Nancy Crooke Rebus- Although I thought it was an acrosticd as Nellie G. entitled it. Of course A Visit from St. Nick if written by Grandfather was written a number of years after these contained in the little book which I am sending you. This book was in the top of dear Aunt Jeannie's bookdcase which stands on the bureau in my room. I do not think there is anything in that which could clinch the authorship of "A Visit etc - still such as it is I send to thee. You need not return it to me - just keep it - with love. And please show to Nellie. I fully intended returning your papers today - with the little book - but Margie has not yet had time to read them - and wishes so much to do so - so I hope to get all off on Monday.

You certainly have done wonderfully - You dear fellow - you are marvelous! That page from the Troy paper containing the woodcut and the poem is fascinating! That picture pleases me immensely.

Thank you again dear for sending it to me these results of all your labors-! Go and shake the Tree of Knowledge - and find out positively which is which and who is who - and then go to sleep for a Season.

Goodbye dear Will. Much love to Emmalinda and the chicks and no end of the same for your self.

from your own Aunt Gertrude

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