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July 8th 1920

Will dear - as to Grandfather's knowledge of French I know nothing. As to general subjects - I have often heard my Mother and aunts speak of his wonderful memory and his great fund of information.

Mother used to say- "he was a perfect Encyclopedia" "at home on any & every subject, and no question was too hard for him to answer". Oh why did not his grandchildren inherit these wonderful gifts!

I think your father made the nearest approach to it. And now dearest I want to thank you for your typewritten sketch of grandfather which reached me yesterday and also for the blessed little note which accompanied it. As yet I have just begun to read the sketch- but hope to finish it this afternoon and learn many things of interest in his life of which I had never heard. Your children will be richly endowed with accurate information regarding their forebears - at least some of them.

Margurite is in Cambridge and Aunt M. left for that old town this afternoon - both expect to return here tomorrow evening. They hope to sup with Lissie Hannah at 61 Sparks tonight.

We are all well and really getting nicely settled. How I wish that you and Emma could look in upon us - and the dear children too! Helen spent last Sunday with u, and part of Monday Howard took her back back in his "little Fordie" I walked down to the

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