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2015 E. 40th St-
Feb. 28th (17

Well dear -- "dear Git" often heard her Mother say that the Night before Christmas was exactly in her father's style - but she did not know whether he wrote it or not- Uncle Charles being the only one old enough to remember. Uncle Charles settled "way out west" in Painsville. So far from Mother - who lived in Duanesburgh-Schenectady - or Po'keepsie - That in the years after I was born - they never saw each other but once - when of course the "Night before Christmas" was not given a thought - much less talked about.

Besides you know in those bygone days it had not reached the zenith of its popularity - or become of so much importance. As to the time when I first heard it -- I cannot remember anytime before I knew it. So I have always known it!! Mother used to repeat it delightfully and I think father did too - though I am not perfectly sure about that.

I enclose the little poem which we read when here & wish Grandfather had happened to sign his name at the bottom. But I have heard another say that he very seldom signed his name to anything he wrote for the papers - and I suppose in this little home jingle he did not think of it. Nellie G. is very anxious to have some poems of Grandfather's - but I have told her that I had nothing to send - I forgot entirely about this. If you see her again please show it to her - and she can make a copy of it if she wishes to.

Dearest Will I can't bear to think of your going off with the Navy in case of war! But the Eagle is screaming very loud and I fear that war will come and oh may you be located in comparative safety in some Hospital on Shore!

So sorry about the terrible accident to Allie and Billy! It is just too too bad. I hope that driver was arrested and locked up for a long time!

Good night dear Will- I love you very much-

Your own Aunt Git

I hope dear Emma's toothache has been relieved by the dentist - and that she is her placid self again. Give her a hug for me.

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