Witness Letters
WS Thomas



May 1920

My dear Cousin Will,

I have tried all over New York at Bagos's, Caswell & Massey as well as here to get the enclosed formula, without success, & as they did me a lot of good I am going to ask you to send me up a good lot C.O.D. as no one anywhere could tell me what they cost. Also inform me if I can keep on taking them until I feel all right again?

I am again on the tracks of "A visit to St. Nicholas" I have asked an old friend to look up dates at Rutgers College, & he has deputed the Librarian there to search for proof of the authorship- He made a note of it with a view of ascertaining if he could lay his hands on anything

Cousin Gertie & Mrs Hubbard used to say it was written about the year 1783 or so- but you say 1805- will you tell me why? And yet Moore said it was published in 1823. Have you got any further in your investigations and if so far why not further? surely after so much heart & mind expended uponit, you should not let it drop-

Please give me all the data & reasons for that date- & why you do not think 1783 or 85 is not nearer the real date, for Cousin Gertie maintained your uncle *was it Charles, must have been then about 10. years old, & remembering hearing the poem read by his father. The right & truth does not always come out in this life but it surely will in the next, and then woe to Clement Moore!

I have just been elected a member of the Po'keepsie (or is it White Plains?) Historic Society through Mrs. Will Young who owns & resides on the old ground of our forebears "Locust Grove"- she read my article & was so pleased insisted upon my belonging-

Well goodbye & wish many thanks hoping all is well with you & yours. As ever your afft

Cousin Nellie

"The Inn" 160 Grand St. Newburgh N.Y.

SOURCE: New York Historical Society, Thomas Papers


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