Witness Letters
WS Thomas



Newburgh, N.Y. stationery "The Inn"
160 Grand St
Newburgh NY

June 9th 1920

My dear Cousin Will,

I have been very under the weather since I was in New York, & consulted my doctor on my return who said I was extremely nervous & senstive by nature & ordered quiet, a tonic, & alcohol or salt rubs- I don't know why it should have affected me so, but after your strenuous cross questioning that day, which frightened me really, I was a wreak & seemed going to pieces, this is "entre nous" so please don't mention it-

I have had some worries for some time past, & coupled with this fear of publicity or being called upon to give an account of the "Night Before Christmas," the fear runs strong me- I had your letter 3 days before me, fearing to open it, lest it contained a scolding! but I thank you for its kind tone & pacifying attitude. Go ahead, as you think best. I cannot help regretting the paper it will be published in, "The Nation" has a far higher standard however.

But I beg you never to send me at any time any more Xian Science papers or tell me about the poem as it progresses. Just now I cannot stand it- I shall hope to write you this summer, for I am going to be in Fishkill for a few weeks to board, & then we can talk it over.

With love to you & all the family
Sincly yours
Cousin Nellie

SOURCE: New York Historical Society, Thomas Papers


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