Henry Livingston, Jr.
Henry Livingston's Poetry

'TWAS night. And thickest gloom prevail'd around.
When watchfull on his solitary bed,
The eastern sage, deep-musing laid,
While all the world beside was in soft slumbers drown'd.

Unusual tremors seiz'd his aged frame!
Cold ran the circulating fluid thro each vein!
Speechless he lay. when lo! before his eyes,
A spectre far more hideous to behold,
Than ee'r was fiction'd in the tales of old
All form'd for horror, solemnly did rise.

Silence was there. nor moved there ought around:
When thus the vision spake and shook the deep profound.
"Shall mortal man tho made of dust,"
"Lift up his pigmy face"
"And tell the author of his race"
"He's free from moral taint, and absolutely Just"!

"The Angels in the brightest skies"
"Have faults in his all-searching eyes"

  "And the high-vaulted empyrean"
  "'Fore uncreated ESSENCE is unclean."

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Illustrated 1823 Night Before Christmas

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