Poem 'ca-nw1812' in 'test-for-henry', considering both "near" and simple rhymes.     (Poem text)     (Rhyme list)
This tabulation deals with both "near" and simple rhymes.  Only the first occurrence of each rhyme in a poem is counted in computing rhyme frequency.
Near rhymes are displayed in italics and are separated by two slashes.

in 'test-for-henry'
Rhymes used
by 'henry'
Rhymes used
by 'non-henry'
1above / love125.0001125.0006150.0007
2again / plain125.0001125.00021
3all / fall125.0001125.00021
4light / sight125.0001125.00035150.00037
Matching Rhymes442
Match Ratio (%)100.00050.000