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GOOD Morning dear patrons -- I've come do you see , G-UH-D M-AO-R-N-IH-NG D-IH-R P-EY-T-R-AH-N-Z AY-V K-AH-M D-UW Y-UW S-IY
With bowing and singing to levy a fee , W-IH-DH B-OW-IH-NG AH-N-D S-IH-NG-IH-NG T-UW L-EH-V-IY AH F-IY
I'll give you good verse -- and believe me sincere , AY-L G-IH-V Y-UW G-UH-D V-ER-S AH-N-D B-IH-L-IY-V M-IY S-IH-N-S-IH-R
When I wish you long life -- and a happy New-Year . W-EH-N AY W-IH-SH Y-UW L-AO-NG L-AY-F AH-N-D AH HH-AE-P-IY N-UW-Y-IH-R
News-Boys just like Lawyers , will promise you fair , N-UW-Z-B-OY-Z JH-AH-S-T L-AY-K L-AO-Y-ER-Z W-IH-L P-R-AA-M-AH-S Y-UW F-EH-R
They'll give for your money , their Lingo so rare -- DH-EY-L G-IH-V F-AO-R Y-AO-R M-AH-N-IY DH-EH-R L-IH-NG-G-OW S-OW R-EH-R
And I , ( lawyer like ) though the best of the throng , AH-N-D AY L-AO-Y-ER L-AY-K DH-OW DH-AH B-EH-S-T AH-V DH-AH TH-R-AO-NG
" Full costs " mean to " charge " for my excellent song . F-UH-L K-AA-S-T-S M-IY-N T-UW CH-AA-R-JH F-AO-R M-AY EH-K-S-AH-L-AH-N-T S-AO-NG
Three days had I labour'd -- and in verbage sublime , TH-R-IY D-EY-Z HH-AE-D AY L-EY-B-ER-D AH-N-D IH-N V-ER-B-IH-JH S-AH-B-L-AY-M
I'd scribbed nine sheets -- but the Devil a rhyme AY-D S-K-R-IH-B-D N-AY-N SH-IY-T-S B-AH-T DH-AH D-EH-V-AH-L AH R-AY-M
Would appear in the whole -- so all in a huff , W-UH-D AH-P-IH-R IH-N DH-AH HH-OW-L S-OW AO-L IH-N AH HH-AH-F
I sent to the flames a whole volume of stuff , AY S-EH-N-T T-UW DH-AH F-L-EY-M-Z AH HH-OW-L V-AA-L-Y-UW-M AH-V S-T-AH-F
As smooth , at the least , as that lullaby trash , AE-Z S-M-UW-DH AE-T DH-AH L-IY-S-T AE-Z DH-AE-T L-AH-L-AH-B-AY T-R-AE-SH
Which Osander has publish'd -- " to compass the cash . " W-IH-CH OW-S-AE-N-D-ER HH-AE-Z P-AH-B-L-IH-SH-T T-UW K-AH-M-P-AH-S DH-AH K-AE-SH
Having burnt myself out -- last night much oppress'd , HH-AE-V-IH-NG B-ER-N-T M-AY-S-EH-L-F AW-T L-AE-S-T N-AY-T M-AH-CH AH-P-R-EH-S-T
I went to my garret and soon was at rest ; AY W-EH-N-T T-UW M-AY G-EH-R-IH-T AH-N-D S-UW-N W-AA-Z AE-T R-EH-S-T
Not thinking , at all , that Hobgoblins or Elves N-AA-T TH-IH-NG-K-IH-NG AE-T AO-L DH-AE-T HH-AA-B-G-AA-B-L-IH-N-Z AO-R EH-L-V-Z
'Bout poor little News-Boys would trouble themselves ; B-AW-T P-UW-R L-IH-T-AH-L N-UW-Z-B-OY-Z W-UH-D T-R-AH-B-AH-L DH-EH-M-S-EH-L-V-Z
Or dreaming that fate had a vision design'd AO-R D-R-IY-M-IH-NG DH-AE-T F-EY-T HH-AE-D AH V-IH-ZH-AH-N D-IH-Z-AY-N-D
To enliven my muse and enlighten my mind . T-UW EH-N-L-AY-V-AH-N M-AY M-Y-UW-Z AH-N-D EH-N-L-AY-T-AH-N M-AY M-AY-N-D
The clock sounded twelve -- And awaked by the chime , DH-AH K-L-AA-K S-AW-N-D-AH-D T-W-EH-L-V AH-N-D AH-W-EY-K-D B-AY DH-AH CH-AY-M
I raised up my head -- and beheld FATHER TIME AY R-EY-Z-D AH-P M-AY HH-EH-D AH-N-D B-IY-HH-EH-L-D F-AA-DH-ER T-AY-M
Approaching my bed through the dusk of the night ; AH-P-R-OW-CH-IH-NG M-AY B-EH-D TH-R-UW DH-AH D-AH-S-K AH-V DH-AH N-AY-T
In one hand his scythe -- in the other a SPRIGHT ! ! ! IH-N W-AH-N HH-AE-N-D HH-IH-Z S-IH-TH IH-N DH-AH AH-DH-ER AH S-P-R-AY-T
Whom leading right to me -- He spoke with a leer : HH-UW-M L-IY-D-IH-NG R-AY-T T-UW M-IY HH-IY S-P-OW-K W-IH-DH AH L-IH-R
" My Lads be you friends -- this is little NEW-YEAR ! M-AY L-AE-D-Z B-IY Y-UW F-R-EH-N-D-Z DH-IH-S IH-Z L-IH-T-AH-L N-UW-Y-IH-R
" And this is YOUNG WHIG ! ! Now walk hand in hand AH-N-D DH-IH-S IH-Z Y-AH-NG W-IH-G N-AW W-AO-K HH-AE-N-D IH-N HH-AE-N-D
" Stick close to each other -- in unity stand -- S-T-IH-K K-L-OW-S T-UW IY-CH AH-DH-ER IH-N Y-UW-N-AH-T-IY S-T-AE-N-D
" And then , though from Clermont again shall appear , AH-N-D DH-EH-N DH-OW F-R-AH-M K-L-EH-R-M-AA-N-T AH-G-EH-N SH-AE-L AH-P-IH-R
" A Juror like Capron , you've nothing to fear : AH JH-UH-R-ER L-AY-K K-AE-P-R-AH-N Y-UW-V N-AH-TH-IH-NG T-UW F-IH-R
" For when he beholds this young Spright at your side , F-AO-R W-EH-N HH-IY B-IH-HH-OW-L-D-Z DH-IH-S Y-AH-NG S-P-R-AY-T AE-T Y-AO-R S-AY-D
" Like Peter the honest from court you shall glide -- L-AY-K P-IY-T-ER DH-AH AA-N-AH-S-T F-R-AH-M K-AO-R-T Y-UW SH-AE-L G-L-AY-D
" Your pocket unpick'd -- nor two hundred expose , Y-AO-R P-AA-K-AH-T AH-N-P-IH-K-T N-AO-R T-UW HH-AH-N-D-R-AH-D IH-K-S-P-OW-Z
" To purchase some salve for an editor's nose -- T-UW P-ER-CH-AH-S S-AH-M S-AA-V F-AO-R AE-N EH-D-IH-T-ER-Z N-OW-Z
" And then , though brave Matty his bristles should rear , AH-N-D DH-EH-N DH-OW B-R-EY-V M-AE-T-IY HH-IH-Z B-R-IH-S-AH-L-Z SH-UH-D R-IH-R
" And the honest old Sheriff in rage should appear -- AH-N-D DH-AH AA-N-AH-S-T OW-L-D SH-EH-R-AH-F IH-N R-EY-JH SH-UH-D AH-P-IH-R
" Though all the fell tribe who compose the wise club DH-OW AO-L DH-AH F-EH-L T-R-AY-B HH-UW K-AH-M-P-OW-Z DH-AH W-AY-Z K-L-AH-B
" Where Dayton presides and holds forth to his mob , W-EH-R D-EY-T-AH-N P-R-IH-Z-AY-D-Z AH-N-D HH-OW-L-D-Z F-AO-R-TH T-UW HH-IH-Z M-AA-B
" Should like savages yell - yet feel no alarm , SH-UH-D L-AY-K S-AE-V-AH-JH-AH-Z Y-EH-L Y-EH-T F-IY-L N-OW AH-L-AA-R-M
" This honest young spright will protect you from harm . DH-IH-S AA-N-AH-S-T Y-AH-NG S-P-R-AY-T W-IH-L P-R-AH-T-EH-K-T Y-UW F-R-AH-M HH-AA-R-M
" These Gentry all worship little NEW-YEAR'S gold wand DH-IY-Z JH-EH-N-T-R-IY AO-L W-ER-SH-AH-P L-IH-T-AH-L N-UW-Y-IH-R-Z G-OW-L-D W-AA-N-D
" And its sight will unnerve every Democrats hand ; AH-N-D IH-T-S S-AY-T W-IH-L AH-N-ER-V EH-V-ER-IY D-EH-M-AH-K-R-AE-T-S HH-AE-N-D
" And thus LITTLE WHIG it shall no more be said AH-N-D DH-AH-S L-IH-T-AH-L W-IH-G IH-T SH-AE-L N-OW M-AO-R B-IY S-EH-D
" That you print sacred truth at the risk of your head . " DH-AE-T Y-UW P-R-IH-N-T S-EY-K-R-AH-D T-R-UW-TH AE-T DH-AH R-IH-S-K AH-V Y-AO-R HH-EH-D
He ended -- And spreading his pinions for flight , HH-IY EH-N-D-AH-D AH-N-D S-P-R-EH-D-IH-NG HH-IH-Z P-IH-N-Y-AH-N-Z F-AO-R F-L-AY-T
Left little NEW-YEAR and MYSELF for the night . L-EH-F-T L-IH-T-AH-L N-UW-Y-IH-R AH-N-D M-AY-S-EH-L-F F-AO-R DH-AH N-AY-T
And now raking open the embers , the light AH-N-D N-AW R-EY-K-IH-NG OW-P-AH-N DH-AH EH-M-B-ER-Z DH-AH L-AY-T
A Goblin most horrible shew'd to my sight , AH G-AA-B-L-IH-N M-OW-S-T HH-AO-R-AH-B-AH-L SH-OW-D T-UW M-AY S-AY-T
In stature a Dwarf -- but in visage so fell IH-N S-T-AE-CH-ER AH D-W-AO-R-F B-AH-T IH-N V-IH-Z-AH-JH S-OW F-EH-L
He seem'd a dark spirit -- just issued from Hell . HH-IY S-IY-M-D AH D-AA-R-K S-P-IH-R-AH-T JH-AH-S-T IH-SH-UW-D F-R-AH-M HH-EH-L
He glittered in diamonds -- of gold was his wand , HH-IY G-L-IH-T-ER-D IH-N D-AY-M-AH-N-D-Z AH-V G-OW-L-D W-AA-Z HH-IH-Z W-AA-N-D
And a purse of " Napoleons " was held in each hand . AH-N-D AH P-ER-S AH-V N-AH-P-OW-L-IY-AH-N-Z W-AA-Z HH-EH-L-D IH-N IY-CH HH-AE-N-D
He ey'd me askant -- and threw open his robe , HH-IY AY-D M-IY AH-S-K-AE-N-T AH-N-D TH-R-UW OW-P-AH-N HH-IH-Z R-OW-B
Displaying embroider'd a Map of the Globe . D-IH-S-P-L-EY-IH-NG EH-M-B-R-OY-D-ER-D AH M-AE-P AH-V DH-AH G-L-OW-B
I saw there old Germany struck from her seat , AY S-AO DH-EH-R OW-L-D JH-ER-M-AH-N-IY S-T-R-AH-K F-R-AH-M HH-ER S-IY-T
And Russia bow'd down at an Usurper's feet , AH-N-D R-AH-SH-AH B-OW-D D-AW-N AE-T AE-N Y-UW-S-ER-P-ER-Z F-IY-T
And places where states in old Europe had stood , AH-N-D P-L-EY-S-AH-Z W-EH-R S-T-EY-T-S IH-N OW-L-D Y-UH-R-AH-P HH-AE-D S-T-UH-D
We're buried , deep buried , in oceans of blood : W-IY-R B-EH-R-IY-D D-IY-P B-EH-R-IY-D IH-N OW-SH-AH-N-Z AH-V B-L-AH-D
And o'er them I read on a label enrolled , AH-N-D AO-R DH-EH-M AY R-EH-D AA-N AH L-EY-B-AH-L EH-N-R-OW-L-D
" The CONQUESTS of France and her Tyrant behold . " -- DH-AH K-AA-N-K-W-EH-S-T-S AH-V F-R-AE-N-S AH-N-D HH-ER T-AY-R-AH-N-T B-IH-HH-OW-L-D
I look'd to the south -- a new scene struck my eye -- AY L-UH-K-T T-UW DH-AH S-AW-TH AH N-UW S-IY-N S-T-R-AH-K M-AY AY
A kingdom " in armour " -- And " freedom " the cry -- AH K-IH-NG-D-AH-M IH-N AA-R-M-ER AH-N-D F-R-IY-D-AH-M DH-AH K-R-AY
From her snow cover'd Mountains , her brave sons again , F-R-AH-M HH-ER S-N-OW K-AH-V-ER-D M-AW-N-T-AH-N-Z HH-ER B-R-EY-V S-AH-N-Z AH-G-EH-N
As , erst with Pelagius , rush down to the plain ; AE-Z ER-S-T W-IH-DH P-EH-L-EY-JH-IY-IH-S R-AH-SH D-AW-N T-UW DH-AH P-L-EY-N
And there fixed as fate -- with dread purpose they stand , AH-N-D DH-EH-R F-IH-K-S-T AE-Z F-EY-T W-IH-DH D-R-EH-D P-ER-P-AH-S DH-EY S-T-AE-N-D
To die , or deliver , their dear native land . T-UW D-AY AO-R D-IH-L-IH-V-ER DH-EH-R D-IH-R N-EY-T-IH-V L-AE-N-D
And there I beheld from the Isles of the west , AH-N-D DH-EH-R AY B-IY-HH-EH-L-D F-R-AH-M DH-AH AY-L-Z AH-V DH-AH W-EH-S-T
A band all heroic -- at Freedom's behest AH B-AE-N-D AO-L HH-IH-R-OW-IH-K AE-T F-R-IY-D-AH-M-Z B-IH-HH-EH-S-T
Rush forth to the battle -- with banners unfurl'd , R-AH-SH F-AO-R-TH T-UW DH-AH B-AE-T-AH-L W-IH-DH B-AE-N-ER-Z AH-N-F-ER-L-D
And snatch from the Tyrant a tottering world -- AH-N-D S-N-AE-CH F-R-AH-M DH-AH T-AY-R-AH-N-T AH T-AA-T-ER-IH-NG W-ER-L-D
" And O " I exclaimed " if the councils above , AH-N-D OW AY IH-K-S-K-L-EY-M-D IH-F DH-AH K-AW-N-S-AH-L-Z AH-B-AH-V
" Are guided by Justice , sweet Mercy and Love , AA-R G-AY-D-AH-D B-AY JH-AH-S-T-AH-S S-W-IY-T M-ER-S-IY AH-N-D L-AH-V
" Sure , sure , here the Tyrants proud arm shall be stay'd , SH-UH-R SH-UH-R HH-IY-R DH-AH T-AY-R-AH-N-T-S P-R-AW-D AA-R-M SH-AE-L B-IY S-T-EY-D
" His armies shall fly , and his laurels shall fade ; HH-IH-Z AA-R-M-IY-Z SH-AE-L F-L-AY AH-N-D HH-IH-Z L-AO-R-AH-L-Z SH-AE-L F-EY-D
" The blood of such Patriots shall not flow in vain , DH-AH B-L-AH-D AH-V S-AH-CH P-EY-T-R-IY-AH-T-S SH-AE-L N-AA-T F-L-OW IH-N V-EY-N
" And the world be preserved by the Heroes of Spain ! ! " AH-N-D DH-AH W-ER-L-D B-IY P-R-AH-Z-ER-V-D B-AY DH-AH HH-IH-R-OW-Z AH-V S-P-EY-N
As I spoke , the fell Spright , with a grin further drew AE-Z AY S-P-OW-K DH-AH F-EH-L S-P-R-AY-T W-IH-DH AH G-R-IH-N F-ER-DH-ER D-R-UW
His mantle aside -- and the West met my view -- HH-IH-Z M-AE-N-T-AH-L AH-S-AY-D AH-N-D DH-AH W-EH-S-T M-EH-T M-AY V-Y-UW
There drawn at full length , young Columbia I spied , DH-EH-R D-R-AO-N AE-T F-UH-L L-EH-NG-K-TH Y-AH-NG K-AH-L-AH-M-B-IY-AH AY S-P-AY-D
But ah ! how disordered , how humbled her pride -- B-AH-T AA HH-AW D-IH-S-AO-R-D-ER-D HH-AW HH-AH-M-B-AH-L-D HH-ER P-R-AY-D
She seemed like a young man , in vigour and bloom , SH-IY S-IY-M-D L-AY-K AH Y-AH-NG M-AE-N IH-N V-IH-G-ER AH-N-D B-L-UW-M
By the nostrums of quackery swept to the tomb -- B-AY DH-AH N-AA-S-T-R-AH-M-Z AH-V K-W-AE-K-ER-IY S-W-EH-P-T T-UW DH-AH T-UW-M
She seem'd a young Giant , unnerved by strong wine , SH-IY S-IY-M-D AH Y-AH-NG JH-AY-AH-N-T AH-N-N-ER-V-D B-AY S-T-R-AO-NG W-AY-N
At her length all extended , inactive , supine -- AE-T HH-ER L-EH-NG-K-TH AO-L IH-K-S-T-EH-N-D-AH-D IH-N-AE-K-T-IH-V S-AH-P-AY-N
Her Ports and her Cities how desolate all , HH-ER P-AO-R-T-S AH-N-D HH-ER S-IH-T-IY-Z HH-AW D-EH-S-AH-L-AH-T AO-L
MEMENTOS alike of her rise and her fall . M-IH-M-EH-N-T-OW-Z AH-L-AY-K AH-V HH-ER R-AY-Z AH-N-D HH-ER F-AO-L
Indignant I turn'd from this view , to my guest IH-N-D-IH-G-N-AH-N-T AY T-ER-N-D F-R-AH-M DH-IH-S V-Y-UW T-UW M-AY G-EH-S-T
And " THE LEGION OF HONOR , " appear'd on his breast . AH-N-D DH-AH L-IY-JH-AH-N AH-V AA-N-ER AH-P-IH-R-D AA-N HH-IH-Z B-R-EH-S-T
Hah ! a Frenchman ! I cried -- and not the New-Year ! HH-AA AH F-R-EH-N-CH-M-AE-N AY K-R-AY-D AH-N-D N-AA-T DH-AH N-UW-Y-IH-R
And I shrunk from the wretch with disgust and with fear -- AH-N-D AY SH-R-AH-NG-K F-R-AH-M DH-AH R-EH-CH-IH W-IH-DH D-IH-S-G-AH-S-T AH-N-D W-IH-DH F-IH-R
His eyes flashing vengeance -- with shrugs and with sneers HH-IH-Z AY-Z F-L-AE-SH-IH-NG V-EH-N-JH-AH-N-S W-IH-DH SH-R-AH-G-Z AH-N-D W-IH-DH S-N-IH-R-Z
He shrieked forth his " foutres " his " pests " and " Monsieurs . " HH-IY SH-R-IY-K-T F-AO-R-TH HH-IH-Z F-AW-T-ER-Z HH-IH-Z P-EH-S-T-S AH-N-D M-AH-S-Y-ER-Z
Of Orders and Edicts his gibberish ran AH-V AO-R-D-ER-Z AH-N-D IY-D-IH-K-T-S HH-IH-Z G-IH-B-ER-IH-SH R-AE-N
Of Rambouillet , and Berlin and also Milan -- AH-V R-AE-M-B-UW-IY-Y-AE AH-N-D B-ER-L-IH-N AH-N-D AO-L-S-OW M-AH-L-AA-N
He pointed to Canada -- chattered of Blood ! HH-IY P-OY-N-T-AH-D T-UW K-AE-N-AH-D-AH CH-AE-T-ER-D AH-V B-L-AH-D
And shew'd on the map where free Switzerland stood ! AH-N-D SH-OW-D AA-N DH-AH M-AE-P W-EH-R F-R-IY S-W-IH-T-S-ER-L-AH-N-D S-T-UH-D
He talk'd of embargos and other such stuff , HH-IY T-AO-K-T AH-V EH-M-B-AA-R-G-OW-Z AH-N-D AH-DH-ER S-AH-CH S-T-AH-F
And " foutred " them all to the shades with a puff . AH-N-D F-AW-T-ER-D DH-EH-M AO-L T-UW DH-AH SH-EY-D-Z W-IH-DH AH P-AH-F
Our " restrictions " and threat'nings , he sent to " Diable , " AW-ER R-IY-S-T-R-IH-K-SH-AH-N-Z AH-N-D TH-R-EH-T-N-IH-NG-Z HH-IY S-EH-N-T T-UW D-IY-AA-B-AH-L
And Damn'd all our Gun-Boats -- as tubs for the rabble . AH-N-D D-AE-M-D AO-L AW-ER G-AH-N-B-OW-T-S AE-Z T-AH-B-Z F-AO-R DH-AH R-AE-B-AH-L
Of the " love of Napoleon " he gabbled an hour , AH-V DH-AH L-AH-V AH-V N-AH-P-OW-L-IY-AH-N HH-IY G-AE-B-AH-L-D AE-N AW-ER
Of his kindness , and justice , his friendship and power -- AH-V HH-IH-Z K-AY-N-D-N-AH-S AH-N-D JH-AH-S-T-AH-S HH-IH-Z F-R-EH-N-D-SH-IH-P AH-N-D P-AW-ER
Of La Franchise , La Vengeance and other such trash -- AH-V L-AA F-R-AE-N-CH-AY-Z L-AA V-EH-N-JH-AH-N-S AH-N-D AH-DH-ER S-AH-CH T-R-AE-SH
And closed by an offer to lend me some cash . AH-N-D K-L-OW-Z-D B-AY AE-N AO-F-ER T-UW L-EH-N-D M-IY S-AH-M K-AE-SH
I shrunk from his offer -- I spit in his face -- AY SH-R-AH-NG-K F-R-AH-M HH-IH-Z AO-F-ER AY S-P-IH-T IH-N HH-IH-Z F-EY-S
And told him , indignant , his conduct was base -- AH-N-D T-OW-L-D HH-IH-M IH-N-D-IH-G-N-AH-N-T HH-IH-Z K-AH-N-D-AH-K-T W-AA-Z B-EY-S
That though a poor NEWS-BOY , I scorned to do evil , DH-AE-T DH-OW AH P-UW-R N-UW-Z-B-OY AY S-K-AO-R-N-D T-UW D-UW IY-V-AH-L
And him and his master consign'd to the Devil . AH-N-D HH-IH-M AH-N-D HH-IH-Z M-AE-S-T-ER K-AH-N-S-AY-N-D T-UW DH-AH D-EH-V-AH-L
Enrag'd , the foul dwarf , wildly flourish'd his wand -- EH-N-R-EY-JH-D DH-AH F-AW-L D-W-AO-R-F W-AY-L-D-L-IY F-L-ER-IH-SH-T HH-IH-Z W-AA-N-D
And nine empty purses appear'd in each hand -- AH-N-D N-AY-N EH-M-P-T-IY P-ER-S-IH-Z AH-P-IH-R-D IH-N IY-CH HH-AE-N-D
Then full in my view , with triumph he rear'd , DH-EH-N F-UH-L IH-N M-AY V-Y-UW W-IH-DH T-R-AY-AH-M-F HH-IY R-IH-R-D
On each , at full length , an inscription appear'd . AA-N IY-CH AE-T F-UH-L L-EH-NG-K-TH AE-N IH-N-S-K-R-IH-P-SH-AH-N AH-P-IH-R-D
On the first , " Baptiste Irvine , " was written alone ; AA-N DH-AH F-ER-S-T B-AH-P-T-IH-S-T ER-V-AY-N W-AA-Z R-IH-T-AH-N AH-L-OW-N
The second , " To Dunn , " shew'd its Contents had gone -- DH-AH S-EH-K-AH-N-D T-UW D-AH-N SH-OW-D IH-T-S K-AA-N-T-EH-N-T-S HH-AE-D G-AO-N
On the rest , lofty names , in plain characters glare , AA-N DH-AH R-EH-S-T L-AO-F-T-IY N-EY-M-Z IH-N P-L-EY-N K-AE-R-IH-K-T-ER-Z G-L-EH-R
Of statesmen , who rule , and who clamour for war : AH-V S-T-EY-T-S-M-IH-N HH-UW R-UW-L AH-N-D HH-UW K-L-AE-M-ER F-AO-R W-AO-R
The fire flash'd new light -- and as nearer I drew ; DH-AH F-AY-ER F-L-AE-SH-T N-UW L-AY-T AH-N-D AE-Z N-IH-R-ER AY D-R-UW
A purse of small size -- was develop'd to view -- AH P-ER-S AH-V S-M-AO-L S-AY-Z W-AA-Z D-IH-V-EH-L-AH-P-T T-UW V-Y-UW
It seem'd that some Cents had once lodged therein , IH-T S-IY-M-D DH-AE-T S-AH-M S-EH-N-T-S HH-AE-D W-AH-N-S L-AA-JH-D DH-EH-R-IH-N
And shillings and sixpences there had been seen , AH-N-D SH-IH-L-IH-NG-Z AH-N-D S-IH-K-S-P-EH-N-S-Z DH-EH-R HH-AE-D B-IH-N S-IY-N
And on it was written , in characters meet , AH-N-D AA-N IH-T W-AA-Z R-IH-T-AH-N IH-N K-AE-R-IH-K-T-ER-Z M-IY-T
" For Captain Stargazer -- the tool of De Witt . " F-AO-R K-AE-P-T-AH-N S-T-AA-R-G-EY-Z-ER DH-AH T-UW-L AH-V D-IY W-IH-T
WIth a scowl he , exclaimed -- " You see my young friend , W-IH-DH AH S-K-AW-L HH-IY IH-K-S-K-L-EY-M-D Y-UW S-IY M-AY Y-AH-NG F-R-EH-N-D
" We ne'er want borrowers , while we've money to lend , W-IY N-EH-R W-AA-N-T B-AA-R-OW-ER-Z W-AY-L W-IY-V M-AH-N-IY T-UW L-EH-N-D
" And mark me , YOUNG WHIG -- ere long you shall rue , AH-N-D M-AA-R-K M-IY Y-AH-NG W-IH-G EH-R L-AO-NG Y-UW SH-AE-L R-UW
" This saucy refusal to join the French crew . " DH-IH-S S-AO-S-IY R-AH-F-Y-UW-Z-AH-L T-UW JH-OY-N DH-AH F-R-EH-N-CH K-R-UW
Indignant I view'd him and swore to his head , IH-N-D-IH-G-N-AH-N-T AY V-Y-UW-D HH-IH-M AH-N-D S-W-AO-R T-UW HH-IH-Z HH-EH-D
I'd publish this day ev'ry word he had said : AY-D P-AH-B-L-IH-SH DH-IH-S D-EY EH-V-R-IY W-ER-D HH-IY HH-AE-D S-EH-D
Nor would I one word from his gib'rish retrench ; N-AO-R W-UH-D AY W-AH-N W-ER-D F-R-AH-M HH-IH-Z G-IH-B-R-IH-SH R-IY-T-R-EH-N-CH
But the shy little Devil spoke wholly in French . B-AH-T DH-AH SH-AY L-IH-T-AH-L D-EH-V-AH-L S-P-OW-K HH-OW-L-IY IH-N F-R-EH-N-CH
At which growing angry -- I bade him Adieu , AE-T W-IH-CH G-R-OW-IH-NG AE-NG-G-R-IY AY B-EY-D HH-IH-M AH-D-UW
And wrote just at day light , this VISION for you . AH-N-D R-OW-T JH-AH-S-T AE-T D-EY L-AY-T DH-IH-S V-IH-ZH-AH-N F-AO-R Y-UW