Henry Livingston, Jr.
1791 New-York Magazine; or Literary Repository

The house of his parents, in which Henry was born

Van Deusen-Kosinski Collection

New-York Magazine; or, Literary Repository
May, 1791, p.247

Description of the Seat of Henry Livingston, Esq.

For the New-York Magazine.

Description of the Seat of Henry Livingston, Esq; on Hudson's River.
[with an engraving.]

THE seat which the annexed plate is designed to represent, is situated midway between the cities of New-York and Albany, and something more than a mile from the town of Poughkeepsie. Although the mansion is far from magnificent - although no artificial fountains sprinkle the parterres, or statues or pagodas are seen in the gardens, nor any extraordinary effort of expence exhibited; yet nature, in her kindliest mood, has undulated the hills around, smoothed the terrene where the buildings are erected, laved the shores with the majestic Hudson, and made the whole delightful - so it is, that no voyagers of taste pass it, without acknowledging its rural beauties; and none visit it, without receiving impressions in its favour.

Thomas Collection

The drawing, unfortunately, had been removed from the volume, so only a copy of the original etching is available. But this was a drawing of which Henry was particularly proud. He made a watercolor of the same scene, and had it etched onto the top of a rectangular, silver snuff box.

The house shown was the one belonging to his father, rather than his own home. Henry was raised in the house on the river, but chose to set his own home closer to the road into Poughkeepsie.

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