Henry Livingston, Jr.
1791 New-York Magazine; or Literary Repository

Unlike his writing, which was anonymous or used pseudonyms, Henry signed his drawings

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Van Deusen-Kosinski Collection

New-York Magazine; or, Literary Repository
March, 1791, p.123


For the New-York Magazine.


[With a well engraved View of that Fortress.]

THIS formidable spot of ground is on the west side of Hudson's River, sixty miles north of the city of New-York; and at this day, altho' its former defences are many of them entirely obliterated, and the rest mouldering into ruin, exhibits marks of surprising strength. It stood, during most of the late war, the bulwark of the confederated states, and the terror of the British arms. It is said, that the very common soldiers of the English army, however prone to ridicule the American fortifications, never mentioned this in a ludicrous manner.

Once indeed, the idea of its subjugation was cherished; but then it was to be effected by treacher: yet, still it stood, and mocked the wiles as well as the force of its enemies.

Explanation of the Plate

A.  Constitution Island, on the east side of the river.

B.  A chain, suspended on pontoons, reaching quite across Hudson's River, there about 450 yards wide.

C.  Fort Clinton, the principal work, intended to annoy any naval force that might attempt the passage.

D.  Fort Putnam, a very strong fortress on the summit of a mountain, about half a mile from the point, and which commanded all the plain beneath.

Besides these, there were a chain of forts reaching far west of Putnam; two considerable redoubts on mountains on the east side of the river; and a number of batteries nearly level with the river.


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