The Flatts

The home of the Schuylers described by Anne Grant was called The Flatts. Although the house has been destroyed by fire, the park that includes the land where the house stood is still known by that name.

"The Schuyler House at the Flats,a fertile and beautiful plain on the river, about two miles on a stretch of that rich and level champaign. This pocession was bounded on the east by the river Hudson, whose high banks overhung the stream and its pebbly strand, and were both adorned and defended by elms"larger than I have ever seen in any other place) decked with natural festoons of wild grapes, which abound along the banks of this noble stream...

Be it known that the house I had so much delight in recollecting had no pretension to grandeur and very little elegance. It was a large brick house of two or rather three stories (for there were excellent attics), besides a sunk story, finished with exactest neatness. The lower floor had two spacious rooms, with large light closets; on the first there were three rooms and in the upper one four. Through the middle of the house was a very wide passage, with opposite front and back doors which in summer admitted a stream of air peculiarily grateful to the languid senses. It was furnished with chairs and pictures like a summer parlor. Here the family usually sat in hot weather, when there were no ceremonious strangers. "

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