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A Dawn of Hope my soul revives,
And banishes despair;
If yet my dearest Damon Lives,
Mke him, ye Gods your Care.

Dispell these gloomy shades of night,
My Tender grief remove,
Oh! Send some cheering ray of Light,
And guide me to my Love.

Thus in a secret friendly Shade,
The pensive Celia mourn'd,
While Courteous Echo Lent her aid,
And Sigh, for Sigh, returned.

When sudden Damon's well-known face
Each rising fear disarms.
He eager springs to her Embrace,
She sinks into his arms.

Appears in:
    Clio and Euterpe, or British Harmony. Vol 1, 1758;
    Vocal Music, or the Songster's Companion, 1778;
    Elizabeth Van Rensselaer Her Music Book, 1782;
    "Stony Point" Musical Copybook of John Bartlett, 1790;
    A Collection of Dancing Tunes, Marches, & Song Tunes by Whittier Perkins, 1790;
    Collection of English Song Sheets, 1720-1780, Huntington Library.

The dawn of hope. A new song sung in the publick gardens. [London]. [1760?]. 1 sheet; 1/80. British Library 1875.d.16(10). Newberry Library CaseVM1621.C698. A slip-song "A dawn of hope my soul revives,". REFERENCE: ESTCT10429. University of Birmingham, England.


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