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Nov 29, 1718 - Sweden's warrior king Charles XII (1697-1718) dies at Fredrikshald in Norway after being hit by a bullet in the head

Charles XII of Sweden forced the Danes to make peace and defeated Peter I of Russia at Narva.

Sir Frances Dashwood, of the Hellfire Club, seduced Empress Anne of Russia in 1729 by pretending to be King Charles XII of Sweden.

"Hypocrite," "Charles XII" and "St. George and the dragon." Mr. Cooper's benefit. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, June 9, 1834. Mr. Cooper's benefit.

Military Music
Tentative beginnings of military music already occurred in the 16th century, but a proper organization was not introduced until the latter part (1680-1720) of what is known as the Great Power Period, when infantry and dragoon regiments were allotted a small group of 4, 6 or 8 musicians, known as "oboists". Finds from the warships Wasa and Kronan have shown that the Navy too had its trumpeters and drummers. Drums and trumpets, with their distinctive wartime and peacetime functions,occupied a special position in the musical and social life of the period.

One typical composition from the period is Anders von Diiben's Narva March, celebrating Charles XII's victory over the Russians in the year 1700 in what is now Estonia.


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