Manuscript in Thomas Collection; Scan at Locust Grove empty Mozart transcription by Mary Van Deusen, Corrections by Mary Jane Corry

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Most likely Henry's original source

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Had I a heart for falsehood fram'd,
I ne'er cou'd injure you.
For tho' your tongue no promise claim'd,
Your Charms would make me true.
To you no Soul shall bear deceit,
No stranger offer wrong:
But Friends in all the Ag'd you'll meet,
And Lovers in the young.

But when they learn that you have blest
Another with your heart,
They'll bid aspiring Passion rest,
And act a Brother's part.
Then, Lady, dread not here deceit,
Nor fear to suffer wrong:
For Friends in all the Ag'd you'll meet
And Brothers in the young.


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