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Farewell to Lochabor & farewell my Jane
Where heartsome with thee I have many times been,
For Lochabor no more, Lochobor no more
We'll may be return to Lochabor no more.

These tears that I shed they are all for my dear
And na for the dangers attending me there.
Tho borne on rough seas to a far distant shore
May be to return to Lochabor no more.

The hurricanes rise & rise every wind
They'll near make a tempest like that in my mind.
The loudest of thunders or louder waves roar,
They're nothing to leaving my love on the shore.

To leave thee behind me my heart is sore pain'd;
By ease that's inglorious no wealths to be gain'd.
For beauty & love's the reward of the brave,
And I must deserve it before I can crave

Then glory my Jenny must plead mine excuse
Since honor commands me how can I refuse?
Without it I neer can have merit for thee
And without thy favor, I'd better not be.

I'll gang then my lass to win honor & fame,
And if I sh'd last to come gloriously home
I'll bring a treat to thee with loving running o'er.
And then I'll leave thee & Lochabor no more,
I'll bring a heart to thee with Love running o'er,
And then I'll leave thee & Lochabor no more.

Lyric by Alan Ramsay, The Tea-Table Miscellany, 1724.

All lyrics that I've found refer to "Lochaber" and "Jean". Henry writes "Lochabor" and "Jane," which was the name of his second wife, married in 1793.

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Appears in:
    The Delightful Pocket Companion for the German Flute, 1763;


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