Henry, Acrostic (elizahughes)

Ev'ry grace in her combine , EH-V-R-IY G-R-EY-S IH-N HH-ER K-AA-M-B-AY-N Love and truth and friendship join , L-AH-V AH-N-D T-R-UW-TH AH-N-D F-R-EH-N-D-SH-IH-P JH-OY-N In one source without reserve , IH-N W-AH-N S-AO-R-S W-IH-TH-AW-T R-IH-Z-ER-V Zealous all her friends to serve , Z-EH-L-AH-S AO-L HH-ER F-R-EH-N-D-Z T-UW S-ER-V And diffuse true harmony . AH-N-D D-IH-F-Y-UW-S T-R-UW HH-AA-R-M-AH-N-IY Happy nymph of chaste repose , HH-AE-P-IY N-IH-M-F AH-V CH-EY-S-T R-IY-P-OW-Z Unsullied as the vernal rose . AH-N-S-AH-L-IY-D AE-Z DH-AH V-ER-N-AH-L R-OW-Z Gay -- majestic -- yet serene , G-EY M-AH-JH-EH-S-T-IH-K Y-EH-T S-ER-IY-N Handsome , with a graceful mien ; HH-AE-N-S-AH-M W-IH-DH AH G-R-EY-S-F-AH-L M-IY-N Ev'ry charm in her appear , EH-V-R-IY CH-AA-R-M IH-N HH-ER AH-P-IH-R She is lovely , chaste and fair . SH-IY IH-Z L-AH-V-L-IY CH-EY-S-T AH-N-D F-EH-R